Thor: Ragnarok

Not that anyone needs to hear more endorsements, especially since it’s been out for a while, but Thor: Ragnarok is a really fun movie and definitely the best of the series.

I went to see it today, after planning to go see it since it came out a couple weeks ago. Justice League is about to come out, and I wanted to make sure I saw it while it was still in theaters.

I’ve been super busy with work for the last month, but I’m starting to catch up a bit. And you know, sometimes you’ve just got to take some time and treat yourself to something. Tristen didn’t have any real desire to see this one in the theater, so I went on my own.

You know, seeing a movie at a midday matinee is really not a bad thing. I used to do it every now and then, but it’s been years. I walked in and had the entire theater to myself. Some guy walked in later and sat towards the back (which seems a little skeevy to me, but maybe he just likes having a view of the whole theater). I chose to sit towards the front so most of my field of view was taken up by the screen.

I usually go to what’s now the AMC theater (formerly Carmike), since it’s just a couple minutes from the house. I think it’s a bit cheaper, too, but really the main thing is that it’s so close. Sure, Mayfaire’s seats are amazing, but I don’t need all that. There’s that new theater, too, The Pointe, but I didn’t see any point in going all the way over there.

It is a bit of an older theater though, and they need to step their game up. The staff was friendly with me, but the aisle in front of the one where I sat had a nearly full bucket of popcorn on the floor with a bunch of popcorn on the floor, and the seat where I ended up sitting had napkins in the cupholders. I don’t know if there had been an earlier show, but I couldn’t help but think the stuff had been left there from the night before.

On top of that, the sound didn’t fully kick in (there was no audio track) until I brought it to the staff’s attention. When I did say something, it was fixed quickly, so I’m guessing there was just some switch they needed to throw. Fortunately, I picked up on that during the previews.

I didn’t mind those issues though, and I really enjoyed the movie.

In other news of the day, Tristen went to a chiropractor today. Apparently, there was a rib slightly out of place. That got fixed and she felt much better.