Help Arrives

I had fun this morning. I can’t even completey remember what we were doing, but Amanda and I just were goofing off and having a fun time. That’s how we started our day, then we did a bunch of picking up and cleaning. My mom got to the house with my youngest sister, Andra Dotsey, and my nephew, Jackson Sawyer moments before Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, got here.

The Mobile Office and Rob Sullivan’s Wedding

I was trying to leave for Raleigh somewhat early this morning, the plan being that I’d find a place there to settle in and work, such as a Panera, which is something, as much as I love this town, Wilmington sorely lacks. As it was, Scott called me up right as I was about to walk out the door and had me take care of a few things first. I’d planned on taking care of them once I got to Raleigh, but I guess it did make more sense to go ahead and get on them. On the way out I picked up five X-Men tickets for the night’s latest show at 10:50. It’s a good thing I did, too, …

My Deposition

I got up earlier than usual today and took Amanda to work. I took my laptop with me, along with my blue button-up shirt and a tie. It was Deposition Day. After I dropped Amanda off (because the Jetta is getting an oil change) I went to Sears to drop the Oldsmobile off for an oil change too. I stood at a line for literally 15 minutes at 8:00 in the morning (with only two people in front of me) without anyone saying a single word to me. That annoyed me, but I was able to live with it. What really peeved me was that when I told the guy I needed an oil change, he said, “Oh, you need …

The Crowd Likes Hicks

Today was slightly better than yesterday; at least I brought in a good amount of money for the company. I was on my way to Bear Rock so I could get some work done before a meeting I had with a client.  I haven’t mentioned this yet, but a client of ours is being sued and we were all given subpeonas last month.  The time was nearing for our depositions, but I forgot when mine was and, in the move, lost my papers.