Grandparent Bumper Stickers

I got moving a little early today so I could talk to Scott, my boss, before my regularly scheduled start of business hours. We’ve been trying to discuss open tickets for some time now but something always comes up. Today was no different and all it did was push back the time I was out of the shower and dressed. This morning was a little hectic with a number of phone calls and new support issues coming up while I was trying to get up to date on existing projects. I planned to meet with Scott and Brian (Gibson, from whom we bought this house) around 11:00, but I was on the phone so much I didn’t end up leaving …

We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Work Schedule

So I updated the site today. If you haven’t noticed, there’s a new banner summing up what we’ve been doing and how much Bruce has been helping us, although in all fairness, he did get paint on one of his ears twice. We attributed that to his attempt at helping us paint. I also updated the image separating the sections over onthe right. There was a line with a flower design on it, which has now become a line with a stylized ZD at the end of it.

Pressure Washin’ on Memorial Day

The house is so sparlking clean today! That’s because I spent all day power washing it. I woke up around 8:00, took a shower and all that good stuff. Bruce actually didn’t get up all night and I think was even tucked into the same place as where he fell asleep, so like I said before, he must have been very tired. I guess having a weekend with Paddy, Emma and Schatzi took a little out of him.

Burn, Baby, Burn

Amanda, Karen and I went to church this morning. Not sure why Andra and Mom didn’t, but they didn’t. We did, however, meet them after church at the Atlantic Bread Company over at Mayfaire Shopping Center. We all had a nice bit to eat then came on back to the house to work.

Help Arrives

I had fun this morning. I can’t even completey remember what we were doing, but Amanda and I just were goofing off and having a fun time. That’s how we started our day, then we did a bunch of picking up and cleaning. My mom got to the house with my youngest sister, Andra Dotsey, and my nephew, Jackson Sawyer moments before Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, got here.