Lowes Timewarp

We went to church today, but I made Amanda get up first. My excuse was that I was up late working on Denise’s pictures. Ben was helping out at the service, so afterwards Amanda and I went to IHOP with Jessica. She told us that she and Ben had sort of swapped their outlook on having kids, so now Ben apparently wants them sooner than she does (like I am with Amanda). I thought it’d be cool if we all had kids at the same time.

Workin’ on the Weekend

What a day today.  It started off with Paddy bounding upstairs and into our bed to play with Brice at about 7AM.  Amanda got up not much later (a true rarity, her getting up earlier than me on a Saturday) and I promised to get up at 8:00 so I could start working on all the things we had planned for today. By the time I got downstairs, Phil had already gotten a good start on the new ceiling fan we bought two weeks ago today.  The pole on it is rather long and it hangs down further than we expected so we were a little apprehensive

Mercer Week

I felt good about work today.  I followed up on a lot of tickets and Scott called at the end of the day to say I’d done a good job with that.  A couple people had thanked me for the updates, and he said that if you can get someone to thank you for something they’re paying you money for that you’re doing a hell of a job.  I took that as a great compliment. 

Painting and Scrubs

I felt good about work today; much better than yesterday at least. I got a list of all the projects that I’m currently overseeing and made sure I everything was up to date on them. I made calls, sent out e-mails, all that fun stuff, and feel that I am, precariously, on top of things. I imagine myself standing with one foot on a very sharp peak way up in the clouds. And wobbling a little, flailing my arms to keep the balance. That never works very well you know, the flailing of the arms. Maybe I can quit flailing and concentrate.

Too Much TV

I feel behind in work. I’ve decided that starting this Friday I’m going to go through each department in our help desk and take note of where each ticket is and, if it seems to be stalled, ask the person who’s doing it about it and try to get them moving along on it. That generally means reminding myself to follow up on something or making sure Josh, our prgramming manager, hasn’t forgotten about something. With all the work we get, such things are easy to do. If I were to have my way with the company I work for (and the money for it), I would