3:00 Milly Update

Still not here.  Lots of contractions and breathing.  Amanda’s tougher than I realized. Her brother, Michael, was here but his phone is messed up so he went to take care of that with Phil.  Peggy and Earl Lemons, soon-to-be great-grandparents, are waiting with Karen. Zach Dotsey

Milly’s Getting Closer

Amanda was in the bath when she started feeling pressure in the right places.  The nurse, Jane, who is awesome, came and checked and said that Amanda’s at about seven centimeters and that Milly is really low.  The room is prepped and Amanda is breathing right. Zach Dotsey

11:30 Milly Update

Nothing too new except that I discovered a way to get to all the websites I wanted to get to that the hospital network was blocking.  So now I don’t have to use my half dead iPhone on a finnicky network to get on here.  Yay! Amanda’s doing well.  She’s between six and seven centimeters and is sleeping a lot.  She’s having to go to the bathroom a lot, mostly false alarms from the pressure.  She’s managing her pain very well- better than I thought she would. She’s in the bath now.  Once she gets out I’m going to go get a burger that Karen picked up for me. Zach Dotsey

Milly Update

I tried posting something a little earlier but had some network issues. I’ll sort it out later and get it up eventually. In the meantime I just want to let everyone know that we arrived at the hospital at about 1:30 this morning. (Thanks to Nick Warkentien for helping with the dogs.) Amanda and Milly both are doing fine. Amanda’s been in and out of the tub and shower, not having fun with contractions. I’ve spent most of my time rubbing Amanda’s back and have had a whopping half hour or so of sleep. Amanda’s thankfully resting now with the help of a shot of something. Karen and Phil Mercer, soon to be first time grandparents, just showed up a …

It’s Milly Time!

Dear Milly, I was watching something on the History Channel about Alexander the Great this evening when your mom, who had gone to bed just a little bit earlier, came down the steps at 11:45 and said she thought it was time.  I think the fact that I was watching something about Alexander the Great bodes well for you. A few days ago your mom convinced me to buy an ap for the iPhone that measures, records and reports contractions.  I have a rule against paying for iPhone aps, but it was only a dollar.  We only measured a couple contractions with it then didn’t bother anymore because they were pretty close together already. Upstairs, your mom called the OB/GYN …