Milly’s Finally Coming!

Although it’s not like we were hoping or had planned, Milly is finally on the way.  After making no real progress at all for many many hours on the dilation front and after consulting with Dr. Joseph, who knows it was a last resort for us, we’re having a Caesarean section to deliver Milly.  He didn’t push us into it but feels it’s the best.  We could wait longer, but there’s been no real dilation since he first looked at Amanda. We prayed and are at peace with the decision.  If anything, I’m happy to know that I’ll be able to hold my baby in about an hour or so. Well congrats, Kelia- it seems you were right that our …

8:30 Milly Update

When I went to the waiting area to get Amanda’s family, Nick and Amy Warkentien showed up along with Eli, who was coming to try to get a peek at yet another potential future girlfriend.  I took Amanda’s parents and brother back first, then grandparents, then the Warkentien clan. Amanda was completely different on the epidural and hardly looked stressed at all.  She gave it a good effort without, and if the had kept progressing like she should have I think she’d have done a fine job of going natural. After everybody visited, Amanda and I crashed.  I slept for a while, maybe an hour or two, and I feel like I could sleep for another day. As things stand, …

5:00 Milly Update

After about three hours of little to no progress, sitting at about seven centimeters, the nurse suggested that Amanda go ahead and get an epidural to help her relax (as she’s exhausted) and possibly, if that doesn’t move things along, some pitocin, which is supposed to help things along. Amanda just got the epidural and said that if she’ll probably be up for taking visits from the family that has been in the waiting room or hours now. I was just talking to the nurse, Jane, and realized that I’ve had about half an hour of sleep in about 34 hours.  Hope I’ve got something left when Milly does arrive.  I expect that will give me a second wind. Zach …

3:00 Milly Update

Still not here.  Lots of contractions and breathing.  Amanda’s tougher than I realized. Her brother, Michael, was here but his phone is messed up so he went to take care of that with Phil.  Peggy and Earl Lemons, soon-to-be great-grandparents, are waiting with Karen. Zach Dotsey

Milly’s Getting Closer

Amanda was in the bath when she started feeling pressure in the right places.  The nurse, Jane, who is awesome, came and checked and said that Amanda’s at about seven centimeters and that Milly is really low.  The room is prepped and Amanda is breathing right. Zach Dotsey