The Rest of the Day

So now you know the big news.  Aside from that, I picked Amanda up from work and took her to the doctors’ office where she was poked and prodded and given a flu shot.  We got our first look at little Pistachio then Amanda had some blood drawn for tests and such and was given a flu shot.  We got there at 10 but didn’t get out until after noon.  It was a little frustrating once we got to the waiting room, to be honest, because there were a number of people who came in after us who got seen before we did.  Oh well. After all of that I took Amanda to Quizno to get a sub and dropped …

Pursuit of Happyness

Saturday morning, what Amanda said Met Trish for breakfast at IHOP, very little wait Wal-Mart Va Tech game Went to see Pursuit of Happyness with Allison and Mike Five Guys for dinner Back to our house then to Billy Supplee’s party Invited Adam to church Zach Dotsey .