Month: December 2006

So Long, 2006

Jeff and girls left this morning. Mom and Dad made breakfast. I played Gears of War with Josh on Xbox Live. Adam played a little too. My parents, along with Andra and Jackson, took Erin to RDU airport. I found the Duke game on Fox Sports Network a little while after it started. They were …

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Saddam Hussein: Hanged

Saddam Hussein was hanged this morning. Apparently some of the people who were there were making some noise about Muqtada al Sadr. I saw a silent video clip that showed the noose being put around the former dictator’s neck. He looked tired, but ultimately dignified. It feels odd, knowing that he’s gone. He was, as …

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I got an oil change today at a place up the road.  I can’t remember what company it is, but I think it’s family owned and operated.  I’ve taken the Cutlass up there a few times, and the service has always been good.  I took the Jetta up there today because it’s due for an …

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