I’m going to make this a quick recap of the day because I’m tired.  I’d put it off but I know if I did it would be a while before I caught up, this being an extended weekend and all.

Work was somewhat busy today.  There were a few things I needed to take care of, including some billing issues.  I was put a little further behind because I met with Noelle, our intern, at The Connection, and since I have no functioning laptop these days, I can’t do any work away from home.  Anyway, we discussed getting her comfortable talking to clients to help out with some initial sales calls.

On the way home from The Connection I noticed a lizard riding between the door and the passenger-side rearview mirror.  When I got out he hid behind the mirror, so I have no idea what became of him.

Amanda got off work a little early today and went to play outside in the backyard.  She finished laying some bricks in the ground, extending them to the area in front of the hammock.  It looks really good.  Adam, Adam Dotsey, my brother, and not Adam Koch from small group, came by shortly before Amanda finished with the bricks and we played Guitar Hero II until Renee Sikes, his girlfriend, came by and the four of us went out to dinner at McAllister’s.  We came back home after dinner and all played (except for Renee, who said she didn’t want to embarrass herself) until Ben and Jessica got here.

Yes, Ben and Jessica Lambeth are here, finally!  We’ve been trying to months to find a time for them to come down for a visit.  One of the first things Jessica said was something about me having cut my hair, which tells you how long it’s been since we’ve seen them.  So we all caught up, Adam and Renee took their exit after telling us to let them know if we were up to anything tomorrow if we didn’t mind them coming along, and then the four of us played Guitar Hero II.

Jessica had played before and was decent.  Ben took a little time, but he got the hang of it.  By the end of the night we were all playing songs on medium difficulty.  That game really gets to you.  I find myself evaluating how good any given song on the radio would be on the game and sometimes trying to figure out what struts you’d hit.

Anyway, we were really glad to see the Lambeths.  Before they moved to Winston-Salem (and now Lewisville, technically) we hung out with them all the time.  We met them through a small group connection and pretty quickly became really good friends.  Ben got a transfer with his job and they’ve been gone since November I think, or December.

Tomorrow we’re going to grab some breakfast then hit the beach.  I hope the weather’s really nice.  Perhaps I should check the forecast.

Zach Dotsey