Woke up, mowed whlie Ben helped by watering the plants.

We all went to eat at Salt Works II. Amanda got upset by an older lady condescendingly telling her that there was a bit of a wait.

Ben and Jessica Lambeth and Amanda and Zach Dotsey at Wrightsville Beach, NC | Zach DotseyWe all went to the beach for a few hours, saw Michael there with Chris and Kari. He, as you may recall, was watching Anna and Barry’s house. I jumped into the water right after getting there, which, I later found out, streaked my sunscreen. I got a little burnt but it doesn’t hurt- Jessica however missed a bunch of herself and got burnt enough to give her some pain.

First trip ever to Costco for me and Amanda- Ben and Jessica have a membership. We went to get food for grilling out- steaks. Also got gas while there. Costco’s nice- could fill up with all the free samples there, but we never did get an ice cream cookie. We’d probably get a subscription to the place but we’re getting a free one through Amanda’s work in a month or so.

Got the grill ready, played Guitar Hero II waiting for Adam and Renee to come by. Cooked out, ate, sat around, played Guesstures- guys versus girls. Girls won. Ben, Jessica, Amanda and I played a little poker. Ben and Jessica out, Amanda and I played for the last round and she won.

Ben and I played some Guitar Hero on hard.

Zach Dotsey