Today was not the most terribly exciting day.  I woke up, watered the plants and got to work after the extended Memorial Day weekend.Getting back to work after a prolonged break is always pretty busy work, but I was still able to find time to take a break for lunch.  I probably wouldn’t have under normal circumstances, but Amanda’s grandparents, Peggy and Earl Lemons, were in town.  Earl broke a tooth and was coming to see his son-in-law, Barry Frazelle.  Whenever they come in town they ask if we’d like to meet them at the food court at the mall for lunch.

Amanda remembered this morning that she had to take care of the phones during regular lunchtime today, so she wasn’t able to make it, but I drove myself and Michael there.  Anna, Barry’s wife (the Lemons’ younger daughter) was there too.

After we ate I dropped Michael off at the Acura dealership.  He’d dropped his car off yesterday for some brake work, but his dad, Phil Mercer, found a much lower quote back home in Richlands, so Michael, after dropping off an application for one of the downtown Port City Javas, came back to the house, packed up and headed off for home.

Peggy and Earl stopped by the house on the way out of town to see all the yard work we’ve done.  I pointed out the replanted azaleas and expressed that I was concerned about them, but Earl pointed out a bunch of tiny green buds on them, which made me glad.  I really think they’ll look good in the places we moved them to.

Amanda got home and was playing with Bruce (he’s usually pretty frisky by the time she gets home) when my youngest sister, Andra Dotsey, gave us a call.  She was in the car with her son, Jackson, and told us that over the weekend they had gone out to eat.  Jackson was telling her and Josh something that sounded like “I wanna eat a tomato.”  They kept asking if that’s what he was saying, but he was getting frustrated.  Finally they figured out that he was saying “I wanna eat with Zach and Amanda,” and when they did figure it out he was acted like it was the obvious thing he’d be saying, sort of like, “Well yeah, duh that’s what I was saying.”

We spent a few minutes on the phone with him.  He’s such a joy to talk to, especially now that he’s actually putting sentences together and such.

Amanda and I got a couple things from Lowe’s Food after that.  We came home, I farted around on the computer a bit while she watched Days of Our Lives.  We watched an episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which had come back from hiatus without much of an announcement.  We wouldn’t have known it came back on if we hadn’t seen the DVR recording something when it did come on.  Apparently, despite critical acclaim, Studio 60 has been canned.  I guess they’ve got a few episodes left to air then it’s gone.

After that we watched the end of On the Lot.  We missed a good chunk of it, but one girl went home, then the weird Italian chick went home, and then the British guy went home.  It sucked that the British guy had to leave because visually, his short film was one of the best.  The final three were him, the guy from Kentucky (who had been criticized because his nerdy main character came across as somewhat retarded, literally) and the recent NYU grad.  The recent NYU grad is probably the only really cute girl on there.

Before we saw the very end of that though, I’d gone to the bathroom and Amanda paused the TV because she heard Bonnie Narron, our across-the-street neighbor, calling for her dog, Cream, who it turned out was missing.  Amanda grabbed the car and drove out of the neighborhood to look for her, and when I got out I grabbed a flashlight to walk up and down the street.  When I got to Bonnie though she’d already found Cream.  The poor dog had wandered into Donna’s (the next-door neighbor to the left of Bonnie and Dave’s house) garage, and was only found when her girl went in there to get a soda.

So then we went inside, watched the end of On the Lot and watched House, where Dr. Greg House lost all of his team.  Interesting season finale- will they all come back or will there be a new crew next season?  My guess is they’ll start off with House using a new crew, be it for a few minutes of next season’s premiere or for a couple episodes, but eventually at least a couple of them will come back.

Aunt Robbie’s coming tomorrow, so I picked up a little after Amanda went to bed.  I was throwing away a Subway cup from Amanda’s lunch when I remembered that it’s Tuesday and the trash needed to be taken out.  It had slipped my mind, what with being off Monday and all.

After that I caught up on the last two episodes of Robin Hood for the season.  They were alright.  To be honest they actually had me going that they were possibly going to do away with Marian, but then I thought the show wouldn’t have the balls to kill her off and I was right.  It was nice watching the two-part season finale together though.  Now I just have to see the pilot and I’ll have seen them all.

Zach Dotsey