I woke up this morning and watered all the plants and cleaned the house. Aunt Robbie was coming for a visit.

Backing up, I woke up a little earlier today than usual and decided instead of going back to sleep for a little bit to get on up and start my day. I was really surprised by how much I got done in just under an hour, but the plants were all watered and the house was swept, vacuumed and by and large picked up. Not to mention that all the beds were made, thought when I woke up not one of the three in the house was fully right.

Work was busyish. Busy enough to keep me busy anyway. Aunt Robbie got here around 2:00. She actually rang the doorbell and knocked on the door while I was talking to a client, so I felt bad about leaving her out there for a minute. If I weren’t so close to actually being off the phone I’d have just told the client to wait a minute while I let her in.

Anyway, I showed Aunt Robbie (my mom’s second oldest sister, Roberta Horner, for the record) around the house then went back to work while she watched some TV. I went down to socialize a little after 5:15 and Amanda got home around 5:45. She had to collect quarters today, which is hot and sweaty work, so she took a shower. I made her give Bruce a bath when she did it, as he was rolling around in the ashes of our now-flattened burn pile.

Aunt Robbie at The Oceanic, Wrightsville Beach, NC | Zach DotseyRenee Sikes and Adam Dotsey at The Oceanic Pier, Wrightsville Beach, NC | Zach DotseyWe headed out to The Oceanic at about 6:30, where we were to meet Adam and Renee at 7:00. We called in for a reservation, but five people is apparently not enough for that so we figured we’d go early and grab some seats. Turned out we didn’t need to do all that. Amanda and Aunt Robbie went to look at the beach while I went in to talk to the hostess, but I was seated right away so I called them and told them to come on up. Amanda asked where I was so I told her to look up and I waved at her.

My expository is terrible tonight. I’m pretty tired.

Dinner and dessert, took a few pictures on the pier afterwards
Back home, we talked with Aunt Robbie, I had a glass of wine
Aunt Robbie’s trip earlier in the day to winery, box of stuff from Pup Pup’s house
Showed AR Guitar Hero, off to bed

Zach Dotsey