So I took Amanda to work this morning, driving Michael’s car.  I stalled out one time, which was really embarrassing.  What can I say- it’s been a while since I’ve driven stick.  Other than that though, no incidents.

I trained Noelle today a bit on the ticketing system and did a couple sales phone calls with her listening in.  I guess that was the most interesting thing at work today.

It turns out that i’s a good thing we took the Jetta in to get looked at.  There’s something wring with the catalytic converter.  Fortunately it’s covered under the warranty.  That car has had a number of small issues.  Nobody called from the Volkswagen place so Amanda called them at 3:00.  They just “happened” to have just taken a look at the car and told her they had to order the part and that it should be in Thursday.  It’s pretty inconvenient for Amanda because she needs to use her car for work this week.  We have the feeling that if they’d “happened” to have looked at the car earlier (which was the point in dropping it off last night, right?) that they could have ordered the part earlier and had it in tomorrow.  Maybe we’re wrong about that.

Anyway, Michael drove me out to pick the car up at about twenty ’til five then I drove on out to get Amanda from work.  On the way out, I saw a car run into the back of a mini van on Market Street.  I didn’t see any damage on the van, but the grill of th car looked like it might have been minorly messed up.  I wouldn’t have gawked at it, but traffic was moving so slow anyway.

Jason told me there’s something he hates about me, and it’s when I’m right.  He’s really enjoying Global Conflict so far.  We’ve bounced strategies off each other and I think I might finally get Rick Titus to join in as well.

Amanda and I stopped by Lowes Food to pick up supplies to make tacos tonight.  She started working on that while I watered the plants then went inside to clean up.  I swept off the patio and filled our new lanterns with Citronella oil too, but it started drizzling a little, and so then did the plans we were making to eat outside.

Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt came by a couple minutes after 7:00.  We all ate dinner and then sat around talking until about 10:00.  We really liked them.  They seem very together and very motivated.  They found us, as you may not recall, on the online small group finder.  They’re going to come to small group on Thursday, but they’re also going to the small group connection tomorrow night, which is for college-aged people and twenty-somethings; basically singles.  They’re just looking to meet people.  For having just gotten to town this past weekend, they’re really hitting the pavement hard as it comes to getting out there.  But yeah, we had a really good time with them.

Zach Dotsey