Today was very busy. Very busy indeed. I didn’t even have time to check the clock until after 1:30. I’ve got plenty to do tomorrow as well, plus I’m heading up to The Connection and I’ve got a paycheck to get to the bank.

Amanda picked up her car after work today. She was dropped off there by one of the girls she works with- I think Trish but I’m not sure. I guess everything’s okay, but when she pulled into the driveway this evening it smelled like something was burning. It could just be some run off of something heating up. I really hope the car doesn’t blow up or anything.

Amanda had also stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home after getting the Jetta to pick up some bread and various sandwich supplies for our small group meeting tonight. Everyone else brought snacks and chips and a veggie tray and such. Since it was the first night for Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt we ended up making it a social. We had ten people in our house. It was crowded and loud, but it was a fun night and everyone got to catch up with each other as well as get to know Kyle and Lorin.

After Rob, Kristen, Adam and Meagan left we pulled out the old Guitar Hero II. Elliot has been wanting to play it for a while, and for not having played in some time he rocked Free Bird on Medium something fierce. Kyle did really well with his first ever attempt (he does play real guitar) and even Lorin got into the mix.

After everyone went home Amanda, who had a bit of a headache, went on to bed. I stayed up and watched the penultimate episode of The Sopranos. Finally they’re acting like it’s the end of the show! I felt sorry for Bobby getting killed- he always seemed like a bit of a teddy bear. That one you pretty much saw coming. I really didn’t expect Silvio to get whacked though. Well, he was in the hospital anyway, but he wasn’t expected to wake up. There was a botched attempt on Phil’s life (the boss who put the hit out on Tony’s crew) but with him in hiding and knowing that either he or Tony will have to go down, my money’s on Tony going out. It’s the ending you’d hate to see but at the same time you’d almost feel cheated if it didn’t happen. I’ve been watching these episodes on the DVR, but next week’s episode, the final episode of The Sopranos, I intend to watch it when it first comes on.

When I thought about it, the real tragedy resulted from Bobby’s death.  He was in a model train shop and was about to buy an $8000 set.  He was shot and killed before Bobby actually purchased it.  Poor shopkeeper.  Not only did he miss out on an $8000 sale and have a man murdered in his shop, but when Bobby was killed he crashed through a very large train set.
Michael has been playing around with designing cars in Forza 2. The in-game tool used to come up with the graphics and paint jobs, I must say, is pretty impressive. It’s pretty Photohoppy from Michael’s description. Based on that, I bet he could teach himself Photoshop pretty easily.

I also watched Entourage and Robin Hood. The Robin Hood was the pilot episode, which was the only one I hadn’t seen yet.

In the news today, Paris Hilton, who was sentenced to jail time (which had already been reduced) was remanded to house arrest after serving only five days in jail. What a crock.

Zach Dotsey