That’s right people, you heard it here first. Well, most likely nobody will have heard it here first because very few people read this site and the ones that care probably will have already heard this, or they would at least have heard it before they get around to seeing this.

Anna Frazelle called tonight and said the lady she knows who either owns, runs or manages the Port City Java downtown had misplaced Michael’s number but wanted to hire him. That’s good, because I know he was getting antsy about it. I gave Anna the number and it’s expected she’ll call Michael on Monday.

On the downside, he was talking to my brother, Adam Dotsey, about looking into getting a job where he works today. The pay’s better and I think it’d look better on a resume. People talk about how Michael will meet people at the PCJ, but Adam said there are a lot of people his and Michael’s age where he works too. Whatever- congratulations either way. I know Karen and Phil (the parents) will be glad.

Speaking of money (which is the reason Karen and Phil will be glad to hear that their son has a job lined up now), I’m a little worried about next month. We’ve been really busy at work, but the new sales have been extremely light. Granted we’re only a week in, but I don’t have any real strong leads or anything right now. On the upside of that, I’ve got Noelle Fleischmann all set to start calling existing customers to a) see how things are going for them and b) remind them of a few services we offer that they might now be using. I’m hoping that will not only keep good relations with people, but drum up some extra business as well.

On the topic of work, I met with Noelle and a client together today. I figured it would be a good chance for her to see me interacting with a client. The client we met with is one I really enjoy talking to. She’s a very nice woman and she’s really excited about all the stuff we’re doing for her. She was on a very specific budget which didn’t really allow for her artistic vision of the site she had mapped out, and I’ve been helping her learn the things she’ll need to do to work around some of these issues. At the end of our meeting, after we’d gone through all her questions and I was able to show her what the finished result would look like she was downright giddy. I’m so happy to see that reaction in a client. I mean, she was really happy.

Other than that I had a call from my brother and we ended up getting some Subway and eating it over here at the house. Adam played Guitar Hero II while I worked. He left around 5:00, taking a box of books that he’d stored here when he went to San Diego with him.

Amanda got home and I showed her a large branch that I’d just noticed a few minutes earlier that had fallen off a tree in the backyard. The tree that I’m pretty sure it came from has a lot of green on it still, but it’s also got a number of dead branches.

After I watered the plants and Michael showed me this race he’d saved on Forza 2 with a very spectacular crash (especially considering that Forza 2 is supposed to be a realistic driving game!) we all went out to Carabba’s for dinner. Amanda and I had $30 in gift cards from Bonnie Narron, our across-the-street neighbor. The chicken parm I ate was some of the best I can think of having had.  Michael talked about writing a horror screenplay.
On the way to the restaurant I came up with a new word, a word that means means cool, or hot, or awesome; that sort of thing.  It can be like: “Hey, I got some new shoes, what do you think?”  “Those are hiv, dude.”  Or, “Check out that girl.  Man, she’s hivvy.”  Of course you can also say hivacious, hivular, hivtacular, etc.

We came back and lit our new torches in the backyard and all sat around, just talking and stuff for a bit. It had been ridiculously hot today but the dark cooled things off nicely, so it felt good outside. I’d gone inside to go to the bathroom and that’s when Anna called about Michael’s job. So I gave her Michael’s cell number and told Michael and Amanda then continued on with my mission.

When I got out Amanda and Michael were watching Tommy Boy. I dozed off and on during that. Amanda went to bed when it was over, but not before I playfully annoyed the crap out of her. It was fun.

Zach Dotsey