Karen Mercer joined us at Port City Community Church today. We went out to eat afterwards and were to be joined by Joey Palieri, but as church was getting out I got a text message apologizing that he would not be able to make it as he was too hung over. I do remember a mention of Jaeger Bombs last night.

So we ate at Salt Works II. The service wasn’t as good as usual as they put whipped cream on Amanda’s waffles when she specifically asked them not to and they forgot my pancakes, thought they did get them out quick when I asked about it. So no hard feelings. I still particularly like the manager. He seems like a good guy.

We went to Sam’s and got a bunch of stuff, including some boxers, as I had mentioned to Amanda just this morning that I was low on them. Michael was low too. We both have the same problem- old pairs of boxers that end up getting worn out in bad places.

We went on home and Amanda and Karen played around with some stuff in the yard. I know for sure they replanted the rose bush- apparently we had built the mound of soil we put it in too high. Karen left later in the afternoon.

A squirrel named Rooster | Zach DotseyWhen I went out to water the plants in the front yard I saw a squirrel that I think I’ve seen around before on the porch. He bounded off when I came outside, but he didn’t go far. I started watering the plants as I watched him moving around by the pine tree, and when I watered the plants near him he put his head up like he was drinking it, or at least showing in it. He seemed to enjoy it, so I called Amanda out to watch him and she called Michael out.

I went to get my Canon 10D to take a picture but I couldn’t find it so I tried to get a few pictures with my little Sony P-10. By then Michael had brought out some peanuts to toss to the squirrel and he was eating them, but Mooo! slipped out the door and chased him up the tree and he didn’t come back down.

After that I just whiled away the time until 9:00, when the series finale of The Sopranos came on. I’m still digesting it. Haven’t decided what I think of it yet.

Zach Dotsey