Today wasn’t overly eventful. Work was pretty busy and I’m a bit behind at the moment. We had a conference call this morning and put a new guy in charge of maintenance: Brian Keith. Actually he’s not totally new as we’ve used him for programming quite a bit in the past, but he was recently put in charge of maintenance. I think it’ll be a very good move for us as it’ll let Tim Henrich focus entirely on design projects and will probably free up a lot of the time it takes for me to get quotes on a bunch of little projects. Scott Hendrix, the boss, was doing maintenance himself a while ago but with the other background things he does and the amount of time he isn’t able to spend on the phone and talking to clients and such, it just didn’t flow very well.

Peggy and Earl Lemons, my grandparent-in-laws, invited me and Michael Mercer, my live-in brother-in-law (for now) out to lunch at the mall today. Anna Frazelle, Michael’s aunt, was there too. I drove separately because I had a meeting afterwards and figured I wouldn’t have time to drive Michael back home before heading to it.

Over lunch, I found out that the lady at Port City Java had talked to Michael today, and he’ll be starting his training on Monday, so that’s some nice and exciting news. It’s a step towards him getting an apartment, if his friend Matt Carter goes through with it. Apparently Matt’s having second thoughts, thinking about the expense of it. Matt works like 100 hours a week though, and I really don’t think he’d have a problem. He lives at home now, and sure, it’ll cost more than that, but I don’t think he’ll have trouble halving an apartment.

Anna also mentioned that Christian, her daughter Hannah’s boyfriend, suffered a faceplant and was missing skin from his chin up to his nose, which was swollen, including his lips. I quipped that at least Hannah wouldn’t be kissing him for a while and Anna shot back, “Oh Hannah doesn’t kiss him.”

I had my meeting, shoring up some final details on a client’s website. We talked about things like photography too. I didn’t have a whole lot of time for work after that, but I did take care of a few items and made a few phone calls. I’ve got plenty to do tomorrow.

Amanda made spaghetti for dinner. I called around to get some details on our trip to Kentucky. Mom mentioned having me and Amanda stay at Uncle Steve’s house, but I don’t see what the problem would be with us staying at Baba and Pap’s. It’ll only be the two of us, my parents, my brother Adam Dotsey and my uncle, Tom, who will be flying in from Washington State. Plus possibly Jackson. So with all that, the adults could all sleep upstairs then Amanda, Adam and I can all fit in the basement with the pullout couch and an air mattress.

On the Jackson front, Andra is trying hard to convince Josh to agree to letting Jackson go with all of us to Kentucky. The two of them have to work the week of the Fourth of July and so they can’t come. Jackson’s daycare will be closed that week and there’s not anybody there in Gastonia who can watch him all day every week. And as Andra said, if Jackson’s going anywhere with anybody, who better to watch him than me, Amanda, Mom and Dad? (And Adam?)

While I was talking to Andra Amanda and Michael were watching You, Me and Dupree, which had come on HBO. We watched that, which was pretty much what I expected it to be, then Amanda went to bed.

Zach Dotsey