Got up early today- about 6:30 when Bruce was tugging on sheets to get back into bed. Or maybe I just felt him jumping, can’t recall now.

Got to Cracker Barrel a little after 9:00, sat next to creepy babies. Creepy babies were judging me. Waiter was good.

Wal-Mart- finally got buckets for recycling bin. Also went out to get Father’s Day gifts and gift for Amanda’s parents’ anniversary.

Call from Adam and Renee- were going to Arlie Gardens and invited us along. Just spent a bunch of money and didn’t want to pay for a park, so we went to the beach. I read a couple chapters in The Case for Christ and listened to iPod. Amanda took walk with Anna at one point. Saw a girl who looked familiar- was one of Hannah’s friends, but later realized she looked a bit like Raine Garrett, girl I went to high school with.
Got Smoothie and coffee, sat outside Starbucks for a bit then went home. Adam called, asked to come over. Amanda and I took showers, Adam and Renee arrived.
Took care of a couple Global Conflict games, went downstairs to watch Adam play Guitar Hero II. Amanda got bored, wanted to go to mall to get some things for friend’s wedding this weekend. I didn’t want to go so she went while Adam and I played Guitar Hero on Hard and did pretty decent. Renee was bored.

Call from Andra- Jackson’s going to Kentucky! Now just need to figure out transportation.
Amanda came home with nice new clothes (three shirts) for me from Express and some shoes for herself. Also got me a belt, but probably need o get it just a little bit longer.
Talked or left messages with people about doing something tonight, everybody out of town or busy.

Meeting Kyle and Lorin tomorrow for breakfast.

Watched Garden State with Amanda. Only fell asleep for a minute or two.

Jason attacked me in Global Conflict though I’d sent e-mail asking how he wanted to proceed. Guess I got answer.

My legs are burned a bit, particularly on back of thighs and knees.

Mike Nifong disbarred.

Zach Dotsey