Well my chest is sore from yesterday, but it’s a good, tight feel.  I keep stretching my arms out to the side to try to keep them loose.  Today we worked legs and did a bit more on abs.  Elliot got to the gym before I did and I was going through the membership signup process, which put me even a little more behind.  By the time I got there he’d already done some running and a few other things.

So, prior to all that…

Dave Narron came over a little after 9:00 with a car battery charger.  I left that sucker on my car for a good two hours, at least, and that seems to have done the job.  To make sure it was holding a charge I decided to measure our neighborhood with all the little side streets.  I can’t remember if it came up to 2.1 miles or 1.6.  I think it was 2.1.

I made my dental appointment today, since the car was working.  Dave had told me though that if my car was still not working that I could take his truck, which was real hiv of him.  Everything was fine there, although my gums are still a little sore in places from the cleaning.  On the way out of the building I heard someone call my name and I turned around to see my own brother, yes the one and only Adam Dotsey, standing in the doorway holding the very same Time magazine I’d been reading about an hour before.  Turned out he was even reading the same article, which was about appetite.  It was interesting, but I didn’t get too far in it.

Adam had just gotten his insurance the day before and decided it was time to get his teeth cleaned.  He was a couple minutes late though because he was having some fish delivered , but somehow the shipping and billing addresses had gotten mixed up.  He wanted the fish delivered to his place of work and the bill to his apartment.  His boss is apparently a big fish fan too, and understood when Adam found out that the fish had been delivered to the wrong place.  Since Adam tends to work through lunches and puts in a lot of time, his boss let him go get his fish and have the rest of the day off for his appointment.

The fish were mates and one was dead.  Adam called the place and told them he specifically wanted mated fish (apparently they don’t pick up on new mates in a tank the size of his) so I guess he’ll be sending the one he’s got back.  Poor thing, to have traveled however far, at least part of the way with its spouse bloated and floating upside-down, only to arrive at your destination with the prospect of never finding another mate then being sent all the way back.  Well, at least this way maybe it’ll find another mate.  If it lives.

Adam was called in to see the doctor, I think he was seeing Dr. Pless, after a minute or two and I took off.  The reason, by the way, that he went to see Dr. Pless and not Dr. Frazelle (that’s Amanda’s uncle Barry) was that back when he first went in he asked to see whoever was available, and he got the doctor who was no longer there.

I went on home, did some work then headed out to the gym, which I’ve already talked about.  On the way there Jason Revill called me to tell me about Charlie.  Jason had gotten a message recently from our friend Charlie Collicutt.  Jason guessed from the obscure message that Charlie was engaged.  Jason was only half right.  It turns out that our friend, and my last roommate in Greensboro, Charles Caryl Collicutt III is not only engaged but is a father-to-be.  I haven’t talked to Charlie in who knows how long, but I want to go ahead and wish him a double congratulations.  Double congratulations, Charles Caryl Collicutt III!

On the way home I received some other news.  My first sister, Erin, is now unemployed, which sucks.  She was enjoying her job and was, by all accounts pretty good at it.  (I base this at least in part on the fact that Aunt Robbie, who has always been very conscious of savings and investments, commented that Erin really knew her stuff.)  I don’t know what she plans on doing from here on out- whether she’ll try to get another job like she had or if she’ll stay in Portland or move back to North Carolina or what.

Amanda and I had a discussion after I got home about an old tax statement that I’d taken care of some time ago.  Later on we watched On the Lot and somehow ended up watching most of Date Movie before she went to bed.

Oh, I talked to my dad today and he told me that he and my mom were going to rent a van for our trip to Kentucky because they didn’t feel right using Karen’s van.  The main objection Amanda and I had had on it was the cost of renting it and then the out-of-unlimited-miles-area mileage rate.  Mom and Dad decided to pay more than their parts, which was really cool of them.  I feel bad because I’ve been proud to do things like that, to not ask for any monetary assistance for quite some time or anything like that, but with Michael getting his own place and getting my car fixed we’re getting back into strapped-for-cash mode.

Zach Dotsey