Yes, today is my oldest friend’s 29th birthday, so happy birthday to Jason Andrew Revill. His (debatable) second-oldest friend called today but didn’t leave a message wishing him a hapy birthday; she left a message asking his mom how she cooks something.

There wasn’t a whole heck of a lot going on today. Dave came by from across the street to check a few things about the Oldsmobile to make sure he was getting the right parts. Michael returned from Richlands, having assisted his father in building some furniture. He bought Resident Evil: Something for the Wii. It looks fun. I stayed just busy enough today not to do a little running around that I need to take care of.

Elliot Clark called to say he was leaving Raleigh (where he worked today) late and that he wouldn’t be able to go to the gym until probably 8:00 or so. Undaunted, I went ahead on my own, taking my trusty iPod with me, utilizing the strap and case I bought for it years ago when I got the device itself but have used little since. I mostly worked abs, since my upper body is still pretty sore. I did go around all the machines they have in one spot with a stoplight. It’s supposed to be a pretty good all-round workout in half an hour or so. I also did the treadmill when I first got there and before I left- three miles total I think it was. I didn’t do much running though because there was a bit of a pain sort of under my right kneecap. I get that sometimes, usually when I’m first getting back into working out.

I’m really sore right now, mostly in the pec-shoulder area, and particularly on my right. It seems like it takes a conscious effort to move my right arm. And I get a small sharp pain, well, not pain, but feeling, in my lower left gut when I move my left leg. Amanda felt to make sure I didn’t herniate myself already. As odd as it may sound, I like these feelings when I’m working out. Makes me feel like I’m doing something, you know?

Of course, all that said, I probably need to take it a bit easier at the gym. I won’t be going tomorrow since everyone’s coming over for small group, and Friday we’re heading to a wedding in Durham then coming back Saturday. Most likely I’ll give myself a break until at least Sunday, maybe Monday.

While I was out doing all that, Amanda had dinner with some people from work at Hiro’s. (Hi-ro’s, Japanese steakhouse, and sushi bar; HIRO’S!) We almost did their website, apparently, but the owner thought what we did on another site was about the limit and extent of our ability. Oh well.

So anyway, Amanda met a group from work for dinner, because somebody was leaving the company. She split a meal with Alison I think and she still had some to bring home (which she let Michael have). The best part was that as a company function, the company paid for it! Amanda only spent $5 on a glass of pinot noir. She saw her cousin Hannah Frazelle there with a bunch of friends as well as Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill.

I wasn’t home long by the time she came in. I ate an apple then finished off a dessert that Melissa Nicholson, Elliot’s wife, had brought last week. We then watched Ghost Hunters, which was a pretty good episode. The first part gave me chills, had the hair on my arm standing up and made my eyes water. They were in a basement when they heard a toy, like a mechanical toy, make a noise. The TAPS guy asked them to make the toy make a noise again and it did. Then he told them to do it three times in a row and it did. During the Reveal they said it didn’t happen any more after that, but man, what are the chances of a toy malfunctioning just so?

On the second one they heard a bunch of noises, clear footsteps where nobody was around, specifically, and a bathroom faucet turned itself on. At the outset of that one I didn’t think it’d be very interesting because the woman on it just seemed like she’d jump to any conclusion and it looked like the main thing she talked about, the fact that there were noises and vibrations coming from the floor, seemed solved pretty quickly via some loose pipes. Regardless, there were some very distinct noises and the faucet turned itself on. The people in the house had said they’d been touched and saw a purse fly off a dresser once, so I guess whatever it is likes to move things.

Zach Dotsey