I did a little running around today.  I planned on doing it early, around 10:00 or so, but I was kept pretty busy and didn’t get out until much later.  I went by the bank and then had to go by the mall to exchange a belt Amanda had gotten me when she picked up some dress shirts from Express For Men.  She got me a 32 and I wear a 30, but the 32 was barely long enough, which is odd.  I mean, I know I’m not as thin as I used to be, but I still have no trouble fitting into everything else I have- pants, boxers, sized 30.  Anyway the exchange was easy enough.  They pulled the belt out of the bag and put another one in.

Amanda had noticed a discrepancy concerning a coupon she’d used so I asked them about that.  They said when she got her credit card (she signed up for one to get a discount) to bring it in and they’d fix the problem.  Then on the way out I saw they had a bunch of shirts on clearance so, since I like their shirts, I picked up three of them.

Adam had called before I left the house to see if he could come by.  He’d had to go back to the dentist for a deep gum cleaning or something of the such, so he was off the rest of the day and wanted to play a little Guitar Hero II, which he did for a while as I worked.  He’d asked about getting together for lunch, but I told him I didn’t want to buy anything.  He called me while I was still in the car and said he was getting some Burger King, that he’d pick me up something if I’d like and he’d pay for it.  I thanked him, but the food would have been cold by the time I got back.  They did accidentally give him a second Hi-C, so I drank that when I got home.

The day wasn’t overly eventful for the duration until 7:00, when everybody came over for small group.  We decided not to study The Case for Christ anymore, but to get back to the weekly discussion about the sermon from the previous weekend.  It’s just better-suited to discussion.  We ate outside (Melissa made enchiladas) and talked until nearly 9:00.  It was a good night.

Amy Farmer, Amanda’s best friend (formerly Amy Brower) called.  She and her husband Ben have found a house to buy in Knightdale, which is just east of Raleigh.  So yay, good for them!

Zach Dotsey