Chris Benoit | Zach DotseyWe were flipping around on the television tonight and, since we weren’t really watching anything and Amanda had just flipped past WWE Monday Night Raw on the Guide, we told her to put it on that for a minute. We both like to look in on wrestling every now and then. Michael told me a few days ago that they had a storyline going on where Vince McMahon, owner of World Wrestling Entertainment, had died. We saw JR and Jerry “the King” Lawler talking somberly in an empty arena and thought at first that it was part of that storyline, but then we heard them say something about Chris Benoit, so I looked it up online and apparently Benoit, his wife and his son were all found dead in his home. Yesterday he’d canceled a pay-per-view appearance because of a “family emergency”. It’s pretty disturbing. Chris Benoit was pretty popular back when I was watching wrestling. Details are sketchy at this time.

Other than that, today was a Monday so back to work it was. I met Amanda for lunch at Bear Rock. Neither one of us was hungry so we split a sandwich. After that I picked up my paycheck and went to the bank, paid for the car repairs and tried to get back to work. It was thundering though, and the power went off. We got a little rain, but not nearly as much as I thought there would be.

Not a whole lot happened the rest of the day. Amanda was home by the time I went to work out. I went by myself today, as Elliot was out of town I think. I did the treadmill, worked the upper body, abs then some more treadmill. I didn’t push myself quite so hard as last week, so at least I can move my arms without telling them to move this week.

I came home, ate a sandwich and an apple, we watched some TV. Exciting night. I’ve been catching up on Boston Legal tonight, and the beginning of one of the episodes was absolutely terrific. In it, Jerry Espinson, who has Asperger’s disease, who trying to get his job back at Crane, Poole and Schmidt. He told Shirley that just the thought of getting a job back there put music in his heart. Shirley asked him to hum it so he started doing the Boston Legal theme over the actual music. It even kept cutting back to him emphatically moving around while doing it.

Zach Dotsey