More details in the Chris Benoit mess. Apparently he bound and asphyxiated his wife, smothered his son about a day later and then sometime between a few hours and a day later hanged himself from some workout equipment. He left Bibles by the bodies of his wife and kid. Everyone’s guessing roid rage, but it’s also being pointed out that with the times of death and the thought that went into the murders- binding the wife and leaving the Bibles, it didn’t seem to be a “rage” thing. The WWE has pulled all Benoit merchandise as well as any airings of the tribute show from last night. Toys R Us has pulled all Benoit action figures, and I’m sure other stores will too.

It’s really so sad. By all accounts he was a pretty nice and well-liked guy. I can’t imagine what his friends and family must be feeling.

On to today. Amanda couldn’t find Bruce this morning when she got up. She was a bit worried- not that he was gone but that he wasn’t answering and was nowhere to be found. It turned out that he’d slipped into the closet at some point and was just relaxing in there.

Work wasn’t suffocating, but I was on the phone quite a bit. My workout at Planet Fitness was only a bit over half an hour, maybe forty minutes today. Amanda and I had company coming over, so I needed to be home to help out with that. I ended up doing a mile and a half on the treadmill then working abs. I’ll do legs like I was planning on tomorrow.

I got home, made the bed, showered then pulled the grill out. Amanda had marinated some chicken, made a salad and some baked beans. Matt Davis, a guy I met while doing my directing at church, came over with his wife, Melissa, at about 7:00. I started the chicken a bit early and I was afraid, this being the first time I’ve ever cooked on the grill, that I had overcooked it, but I turned the grill all the way down as low as it could go and it turned out peachy. We ate outside, which was fine for a while but by the time we’d finished and were sitting around all talking the flies got to be pretty bad despite the citronella candles.

We took in inside for dessert, which was some really good under-baked (therefore very chewy) brownies. We talked for quite a while and just got to know each other a bit. Matt said when he came in that he felt like he was on a blind date, and I knew what he meant, but I thought it went well. We all had a lot in common and the conversations flowed well. Could they be our new Ben and Jessica Lambeth? (No pressure, Matt, if you are indeed reading this.)

Actually, Matt’s sense of humor reminded me of Chris Reeves. Not the self-deprecating aspect of Chris’s humor, but the feigned shock and disrespect.

So they left sometime around 9:30 I guess. I took out the trash and Amanda flipped around on the tellie until she found a show on We called Secret Lives of Women. This one was about swingers. I don’t know if I could ever do something like that.

I read today that the rate of circumcision was declining in America. Kentucky was one of the states with the highest rate- somewhere around 85%. One of the suspected reasons for the decline in the rate of circumcisions was the influx of Asian and South American immigrants, areas where people don’t practice circumcision much. One possible upside of circumcision is that in Africa circumcised men for some reason have a lower rate of HIV. That may or may not be a circumstance. In light of that, I’ve wondered whether I’d have my son circumcised. The main reason for circumcision is to recall God’s covenant with Abraham, but the new covenant made that moot, so there’s really no religious reason to do it. I think it’s supposed to be healthier, but only marginally. Other than that I think uncircumcised penises look funny, but, ya know, I’m a little biased I guess. I would think that the world’s majority are uncircumcised. I’d lean towards circumcision, but that’s for the sake of tradition and, like I said, I think an uncircumcised penis looks funny. I guess we’ll cross that bridge if we ever get around to having a boy.

Zach Dotsey