I feel like I got a lot of work done today, and that’s always a satisfying feeling.  That was pretty much my whole day.  I worked then went to work out.  I decided to go ahead and knock out three miles on the treadmill right off the bat, and that was a pretty good way to start off.  I did abs and legs today with a little bit of upper body just to work on it a bit.

Elliot Clark came in.  I’d tried to call him around 5:00 but couldn’t get through for some reason and he tried to call me, but I was already at Planet Fitness when he did.  I was just about done by the time he got there, but I did another mile on the treadmill while he was there just to hang out and talk a bit.

I stopped by PetSmart on the way home to pick up some cat litter and dog food then went to Chick-Fil-A to grab a sandwich, since Amanda had already eaten.  Got home, watered the plants, we watched Ghost Hunters.  Terrific, huh?

Elliot did have some bad news.  Melissa’s nineteen year-old cousin out in California was found dead on a friend’s couch.  They’re thinking it was either alcohol or drugs.

Zach Dotsey