I woke up this morning around 8:00 and took Bruce out to pee. Aunt Terry was making breakfast for everyone- eggs, toast and gouda (sp?). Amanda was up shortly after me then Adam and jackson came up eventually together.

After a little bit my branch of the family went out to Sam’s Club to buy some things for the time we’ll be here. Amanda got a Sam’s Club membership through work and she was just told on Tursday that it should be ready. While she was finalizing her membership at the store and getting her picture taken, Dad went off to get supplies, Adam carried Jackson around and looked at big TVs and Mom and I looked at laptops and digital cameras. We all got back together and a few of us ended up buying some clothes. Dad, Adam and I each got Kentucky shirt while Mom and Amanda got some shorts. I think Mom got some anyway- I know Amanda did.

Steve Dotsey with Elizabeth and Felicia Dotsey | Zach DotseyUncle Steve and his girls, Elizabeth and Felicia, came to the house, as well as Baba’s sister Aunt Beth along with her husband (I think), Don. Aunt Beth had beaten a bout of cancer a few months ago and she was looking pretty good. It’s funny how much she and Baba look and sound alike.

We ate a late lunch around 3:00 then my crew, plus the twins, sans Adam, who was taking a nap, went over to the Quinn’s house where they were having a party. Mom knew a few people, but most of the people in attendance were Christian’s husband’s folk, which made me think of a Sopranos casting call. Nothing negative- it was just a little funny to see so many Italians.

Rhonda Dotsey and Grandson Jackson Sawyer at the Quinn's Pool | Zach DotseyDad left after a few minutes when he got a call that it was time to go golfing and he took the girls with him, as he was going to drop them back at Uncle Steve’s house or something. Jackson found some toy swords and was playing with me, trying to back me into the pool. As I didn’t have my swim trunks on I didn’t feel like going along with that game. Eventually we all (all at this point being me, Amanda, Mom and Jackson) sat down by the pool and chatted with John Quinn. There were a lot of small kids running around, but Jackson, who was in “time out” for throwing something into the pool when his Mum Mum told him not to, sat on my lap the whole time. He was good about it.

When we got up to leave I took Jackson to the bathroom where he peed right away, and cleanly too. On the way inside jackson and I had seen a litttle girl about his age named Natalie. Jackson was very friendly with her, but she was shy, so everyone around there was joking about that.

We went on home and sat on the porch. While I was in the bathroom Jackson was falling asleep standing up. Mom was on the sliding couch and Jackson was leaning over her with his feet on the ground but his head on her. He kept nodding off, like his legs were bending, but just before he’d fall he’d wake himself up and straighten up. Mom tied to lift him up to her but he was fighting sleep enough that he would fuss, not willing to give on his battle against sleep. Amanda and Adam said it was pretty funny.

When I got out Bruce saw that the neighbor’s chihuahua was in the backyard, so he wanted to go down to meet him. We put Bruc eon the leash and went down where Bruce followed the scent to the neighbors’ backyard. Craig and Cherie were sitting out there so while Bruce ran around with Harley, a small brown cihuahua, and Lily, a white teacup chihuahua, we all sat and talked. Adam joined us after a while. Craig’s a character with lots of stories. His daughter, Hannah, who is 14 and just went to her first Rocly Horror Picture Show, came down too.

While we were talking something bit the crap out of my knee. I mean it really hurt! After a minute it started welting up and a red mark was spreading down my knee. Cherie got some spray for it and even though I ended up spraying it twice, it soon stopped hurting and the swelling went down.

Rhonda Dotsey and Sir Pizza in Lexington, Ky | Zach DotseyWe walked back over to Baba and Pap’s around 9:00 I guess. We ate some leftover Sir Pizza but soon after that Uncle Tom called to see if anyone wanted any White Castle, which everyone did with the exception of me. Amanda and I, joined later by Aunt Terry, sat out on the porch. I dozed off and on a bit. At one point Jackson came out and climbed on me like he was going to go to sleep on me, but he changed his mind after a minute or two.

Everyone ended up in the TV room and trickled off to bed at their own pace. Bruce was lying against Amanda getting his belly rubbed, so Jackson pulled up his shirt and asked me to rub his belly. Amanda, Adam, Jackson and I all went downstairs a little after that. Amanda had been freezing last night (thought I was pretty comfortable) so we threw another couple of blankets on the air mattress to try to keep warmer.

Zach Dotsey