Jackson woke up briefly last night and was crying for Mum Mum. I picked him up and rubbed his back until he fell back asleep, then I put him back in the recliner he was sleeping in. Even though we had more sheets tonight, the cold bothered me a bit. I didn’t realize how cold I was until some point when I was rubbing my eyes and noticed how warm my hand was compared to my face. We’ll probably be moving the air mattress upstairs for tonight.

This morning was much like yesterday morning- I got up, took Bruce ot to pee, Aunt Terry made breakfast for everyone. Mom and Dad went to Home Depot to get a new doorknob for Baba and Pap (the one they have was apparently very loose) and they were gone when Jackson came upstairs, although he was at the happy cheery point of his wake-up phase.

He wanted cereal for breakfast so I poured him some, but I have now come to realize that, much like his mother when she was little, he will tend to ask for a lot more food than he actually wants to eat. Adam came up and we both tried, with only a small bit of success, to get him to eat more of his cereal.

Uncle Tom Dotsey | Zach DotseyAfter that, Uncle Tom was cleaning up the porch and Aunt Terry and Amanda had gone to the backyard to help Baba pull some weeds from her garden. Pap doesn’t like her to do it herself because if she falls he can’t help her back up, so she doesn’t really get to do any gardening. Anyway, Amanda went to help them while Adam and I gave Jackson a bath since he smelled like he’d peed his pants during the night. (He had peed his pants during the night- thank goodness for pullups!) Adam didn’t want to help give Jackson a bath, but I convinced him I’d need his help. It only took him a minute to realize I didn’t need his help and was just tricking him into doing all the work, which I thought was amusing. Jackson, just like yesterday when Amanda and I bathed him, did really good. He only fussed when Adam poured a cup of water over his head and some got in his eyes, which was when he fussed the first time I gave him a bath, but he got over it quickly.

We played with him, peeking out past the shower curtains from both sides of the tub. We would peek at him, Jackson would tell both of us separately to close the door, then we’d tell him that it wasn’t a door, that we needed to close the curtains, so he told us to close the “turtan” and we did. We took him downstairs to get dressed then I went to take a shower. I took a shower and Amanda took a shower after she came in from pulling weeds.

Aunt Terry Dotsey | Zach DotseyAmanda, Mom, Adam, Uncle Tom, Aunt Terry and I piled into the rental van and went to the mall for some lunch. We left tom and Terry there to do some birthday shopping for Baba and the rest of us went down the street to Best Buy. Mom wanted to look at cameras and laptops and ended up buying a new Sony camera, a DSC-W80 I think was the model number. She also got a new headphone for her cell phone because the one she has now is uncomfortable and doesn’t stay on well when she’s riding horses. her new one is a newer version of the one I have. Adam picked up a couple things too and Amanda and I got some mini-DV tapes for the camcorder. All the tapes I have now are full. I’m pretty backed up on transferring all the videos to computer and DVD.

We picked up Tom and Terry and went to a few other places. Amanda and I were trying to find some hanging lanterns like what we got at Pier One a few weeks ago, but Pier One was out and nobody else around there had anything like what we were looking for. We went to the grocery store then went on home.

Back at the house we all hung out for a while and talked. I went into the sitting room where Pap was watching TV and he told me some stories from when he was younger. He told me some memories of his siblings and Lancaster, Pennsylvania where he grew up. He told me that when his dad came over from Czechoslovakia that his last name was Dacej, but it got changed somehow to Dotsey. Pap’s birth certificate actually says Datsey, which he didn’t know until sometime in the 1980’s at which point he had it legally changed. I liked listening to all of this, even though I’d heard some of it before.

Dotseys playing Bungadoo (better known as Asshole) | Zach DotseyTonight we played a game that Aunt Terry called Bungadoo, which we knew in college as a drinking game called Asshole. The rules were a little different, but not much; we played by anteing and we didn’t change seats (at least in part due to Baba and Pap’s limited mobility). Amanda did really well with it. Uncle Bernie arrived just before we started to play, and Mom and Dad came back from being out with some friends right after.

A few rounds in, Mom called me and said she needed help with Jackson because he was starting to poop. Jackson, you see, had not gone number two since Friday. He’s had constipation problems before. When Mom said he was starting to go I jumped up to help and Dad took my place. Mom and I spent some time with Jackson in the bathroom trying to help keep him calm, because it was a pretty tough go for the little guy.

After we got out Jackson was really pleased with himself. Mom went to bed, I took my spot back after a bit and we dealt Dad in. We ended up playing until 1:00. I don’t know how Jackson stayed awake, but I expect he should be pretty tired tomorrow. I think Amanda won the most at “Bungadoo” and Aunt Terry and I were either next or tied. Pap lost the most- he’d been using Baba’s pennies for most of the game.

Zach Dotsey