Golfers | Zach DotseyAll of Baba and Pap’s kids went to play golf this morning. One of Uncle Tom’s friends and his two boys went with them. Dad said something to me about going, possibly, I think, as a result of my having mentioned to Uncle Bernie last night that Dad had never asked me to go. I wasn’t anywhere near ready to go, but even if I was I wouldn’t want to go out with such a big group yet. I’ve golfed once in my life, ever. I need to get at least a little experience in before going out and embarrassing myself.

My cousin Roger, Uncle Bernie’s oldest, got into a car wreck today. He had just left his dorm at Louisville when someone ran a stoplight and slammed into the side of his car. Fortunately Roget is fine, but apparently his car was completely wrecked. Uncle Bernie left golfing to go help Roger with the insurance and car rental.

The Bernie Dotsey Family | Zach DotseyWhile we were sitting outside I thought I saw a white t-shirt sleeve low to the ground in the kitchen. I looked inside and saw David, or Hank, Bernie’s youngest son, as well as Shelby and her boyfriend, Sam. The rest of them followed shortly and Amanda got to meet Aunt Lisa for the first time- the last close family member for her to meet. I hadn’t seen her in at least four, maybe five years.

We sat and talked with them for a bit, then we went to go meet Mom and Amanda’s appointment at Posh Salon. I was going with them to catch up on some work at Panera Bread, which was in the same shopping center. Before we went there though, Mom made a stop stop Magee’s, where they make her absolute favorite cream horn. They didn’t have any ready yet so they gave her a free sugar cookie and told her to stop back by in an hour.

We went on to Panera after that then Mom and Amanda went to the salon- Amanda for a haircut, Mom for a massage. I had twenty-two voice messages and sent Tim Henrich a few IMs when I saw that he was online. I also took care of a few e-mails.

Amanda got back first. Her haircut was cute. Mom followed a little bit later and we took back off for Magee’s. Mom got two cream horns (one for later) and I got one. Amanda got something too. Mom decided to take a tour of downtown Lexington to see what all had changed. She drove us around and we looked at a bunch of cool old houses and buildings and the church where she went to school, got married and baptized me. We also drove by the University of Kentucky.

Rhonda Dotsey Stuffing Her Face on a Magees Cream Horn | Zach DotseyI often wonder, especially when I’m there, what my life would have been like had I grown up in Lexington instead of Durham. I probably would have been a much bigger Wildcats fan and wouldn’t have liked Duke, for one thing. We also stopped by Home Depot to look for some lanterns to hang on the porch to give to Baba for her birthday, but since we didn’t find any we just got her a hanging pot and filled it with a day lily and lantana. Amanda put it together when we got back to the house and got lots of compliments on it.

On our way back we got a call that Lisa and Shelby were about to leave. When we got home we discovered that it was just that Lisa was talking about leaving since there was nobody there for them to talk to and they might as well have stayed home. We also found out that Jackson had had a vrey messy poo, which is good in a way because I guess he was still a little backed up from when he went to the bathroom for me and Mom yesterday, but bad because Adam had to deal with it all by himself and he about gagged. Aunt Lisa told him she’d have helped if she’d known what was going on (he didn’t want to bother he with it) and that if he can do that, it’ll be no problem when he has his own kids.

Zach Dotsey and Roger Dotsey.  Yes, Roger Dotsey is Zach Dotsey's Cousin. | Zach DotseyEveryone who was out golfing eventually came back and we all ate spaghetti and meatballs that Aunt Terry prepared. A we were finishing Uncle Bernie got back with Roger and Alex, who had gone with Uncle Bernie from Louisville. They ate, we all talked. Lisa, Shelby and Sam got ready to leave, but before they left Bernie had the idea to take some family pictures, which was a very good idea. We took pictures of the different branches of the families then the siblings, then Baba and Pap with their kids then Sam took pictures with everyone’s different cameras of the whole family. Bruce had a really good time playing with the puppies that Bernie’s kids brought.

After a while most of Baba and Pap’s kids went out with some friends and I found all the cousins, Bernie’s Steve’s and my own branch, down in the basement. We all just stayed down there for a while goofing around. It was nice to spend time with everyone.

I have a lot of good memories of the family sitting in the dining room playing Uno with Baba and Pap, so I suggested doing that. I won two rounds, but Amanda screwed me over and I was left with four Wild cards and a few other really high-point cards so that I ended up losing because of that one round.

Zach Dotsey
The Extended Dotsey Family | Zach Dotsey