I tried to get back to work today, but the internet connection putzed out every five minutes or so. Something was pretty screwy with it and by 11:00 I’d had enough of fooling around with it. It took me most of the rest of the day to get it working right. The internet service (RoadRunner through Time Warner) itself was fine, but my router was acting funny.

After everything, I ended up connecting the laptop (thank goodness it was working) to the cable modem and the router and running a program Linksys has come out with for setting these things up without having to know a bunch of networking stuff. I was finally done with all of that around 4:00. There’s definitely some stuff I needed to take care of, but by that point I was too fed up with it all to do anything constructive, so I finally took my shower and went with Michael and Amanda over to Michael’s new apartment.

While I was toiling away in frustration today, Amanda had a busy day herself. She went to Atlanta Bread Company this morning to get us bagels for breakfast then she went over to Michael’s apartment. They went to Sam’s Club (which should mean I don’t have to go grocery shopping tomorrow!) and then went to a few places to find Michael some things with which to furnish his apartment. They came back to the house and we made plans to go see 1408.

We left here and went to Michael’s apartment to hang up some of the pictures and such that he’d bought then we went out to see the movie. I feel bad having been to my brother-in-law’s apartment already when I haven’t been to my own brother’s that he’s been in for six months now. However, Michael’s is close enough that I could bike to it and we often pass by it on the way to Mayfaire or Wrightsville Beach whereas Adam’s is on the south side of town, where we rarely have reason to go.

I think 1408 was one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in a while. Amanda was sufficiently jumpy. Michael liked it but was a little disappointed, having built it up in his head. I think he said it wasn’t what he was expecting.

We dropped him back at his place then came home to where Amanda was fixed some chicken, salad, noodles and bread while I watered the plants. They’re in a bit of a sorry state. Michael came over to water them on the days it didn’t rain while we were gone, and while I’m sure he did a good job he probably didn’t know how much to water each thing. Or maybe it’s just time for a lot of the plants we have to start dying. The lilies by the back fence are doing really well. One has a very large and particularly pretty flower on it.

Michael came back by and we had dinner and watched Shaun of the Dead, which I’ve been wanting to watch for quite a while now. I wasn’t let down by it. It was campy and funny in a good way, but it still had some good action and a few instances that evoked some pathos. There’s this one single shot of Shaun leaving the house and going to the store that I liked, just because it’s nice to see single continuous shots, but I really admired how they did it a second time but distorted it with his obliviousness to the zombie invasion.

So tonight we got to see two good horror movies. Sure, one was a comedy, but it had horror themes and conventions so I’ll count it.

If there was ever going to be a movie of the comic book The Boys (written by Garth Ennis), I’d cast Simon Pegg (Shaun) as Hughie. He looks the part and could play the part of the wide-eyed nice guy brought into the mean cynical world of hero hunting quite convincingly I think.

And speaking of comics, I read a few from last week today while waiting for network things to connect, find, restart and repower and I notice a theme. Lots of comics have cliffhanger endings, but there were several pretty good ones from last week- ones that made me actually go, “Hmm, I wonder what he’s going to do/say next.” The first was in X-Men: Planet Hulk when the Hulk asks Xavier what he’d have done if he’d been present for the council that decided to send the Hulk into space. This was after the Hulk tore apart the New X-Men and right before the senior team was about to start into him.

The next was at the end of the last issue of the mini series called Silent War. In that, Black Bolt, leader of the Inhumans, had been betrayed by his brother, who had some sort of mind control power and used it to get the Inhumans to follow him. The only people not under his control were Black Bolt and his niece, Luna. Black Bolt has this immense sonic power, so powerful that a whisper from his lips could shatter a mountain. At the end of it, Luna asks Black Bolt what to do, and the last panels show Black Bolt’s mouth open, then black, a la Sopranos.

The final one was in Thunderbolts, which is a comic about a bunch of government-sanctioned bad guys hunting down rogue super heroes who won’t register themselves. Aside from being cool because Venom rips a Spider-Man knock-off’s arm off and eats it, Bullseye, a psychopathic murderer, gets his ass handed to him and at the end a discussion goes on about how he’s alive in a body that is for all intents and purposes dead, and they don’t know what’s going to happen to him. The last few panels go closer and closer to Bullseye’s eyes as they talk. Of course he’ll be back and he’ll be going after the guy who did so much damage to him, as well as his teammate who tricked him into thinking he was free of the safety measured they were using to bend him to their will, but for some reason I was left really wondering where they were going with it and what they had planned.

Zach Dotsey