Today was a little different for a Saturday morning for us. We got up at about twenty after 9:00, a bit later than usual, did the usual getting ready and such then went out to Salt Works II over on Wrightsville Avenue. By the time we got there I’d returned a message Elliot Clark had left me and called Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt. Actually I had Amanda call them since I was driving. They said they might be going out to the beach later and we told them that we were too, so maybe we’d meet up. That turned out not to be as it rained later.

We had a nice breakfast then I stopped by the comic shop to pick up the things I hadn’t picked up from last week. We went by Sam’s to get some gas then went on home for a little bit. While I was upstairs getting ready yo go to the beach Rene Sikes called to say that she and Adam were going to go see Transformers, which, despite poor reviews, I wanted to go see. But since Amanda and I were planning on going to the beach I went along with that plan instead.

It was raining pretty good by the time we got to Wrightsville Beach, but we went up and talked to Anna Frazelle for a while. She was cleaning some spots on her rug where her King Charles Spaniel, Scout, had thrown up from eating some chocolate a while back. The spots, she told us, go away for a while then keep coming back.

We spent some time talking to Anna about family things- her cousin Terry’s recent visit, Michael’s new apartment, our trip to Kentucky, Andra’s coming wedding. Her younger daughter, Kirsten Frazelle, had two friends over and they were bored, since it was raining out, and they wanted to order a pizza or some Chinese. We were going to wait for the pizza to come then go out for a walk on the beach (as the rain had stopped) but the place didn’t deliver until 4:00, so we went ahead on out. I walked with Anna and Amanda to the tip of the island but went inside then they decided to walk to the water tower and back. I was a bit tired. Anna told me to help myself to a beer and a cold glass, but I just had the beer and some chips instead while I got comfortable on their couch and watched Band of Brothers on their 60 inch plasma TV.

Amanda and Anna came back after a bit and we had a big talk about what Amanda and I should be doing now that Michael’s out of the house. The Frazelles are very open about such talk. Barry, her husband, and Hannah, her older daughter, are off surfing in Indonesia and Barry called yesterday. Apparently he’d told Anna, with Hannah sitting right next to him, that he was going to jump on her like a spider monkey when he got home, which Hannah didn’t want to hear. Amanda said that since Anna had broken her back, she guessed she couldn’t do anything but sit there and take it like a tree.

On our way out the door Kirsten was bugging Anna about ordering some pizza again, so to get her to leave off she told her that Amanda and I were on the way home to have sex, which Kirsten didn’t care to hear.

Oh, I talked to my little sister, Andra Dotsey, about her coming wedding, her desire to have another kid and such. I flat out asked if she was pregnant again, which she said she was not, and she said her decision to go ahead and get married came from her not being unsure about it anymore. She pooh-poohed my question about whether they should have another one yet, my reasons being the financial strain and the lack of space in their house, but she said they were doing better and Jackson was two-and-a-half now, and she didn’t want to space her kids out much more than that. Then she told me that we needed to go ahead and have some kids so Jackson could have a cousin and she could have a niece or nephew.

Our night was pretty boring. We thought about going downtown but it had started raining again. Amanda made me some “mostly naked” hot chocolate, which wasn’t as exciting as it sounds. We watched the final episode of Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip, which wrapped everything up pretty happily. I snoozed while Amanda watched TV. I have to get up early tomorrow because I’m directing at church.

Zach Dotsey