I’m still catching up on things for work, which was, of course, busy.  I forgot to mention that our maintenance person is no longer around.  I don’t know what the deal was, just that he’s not longer with us.  That sucks, because with a maintenance person work was flowing pretty well.

I went out to do a little running around and while I was out I picked up a McDonald’s quarter pounder meal (ketchup only).  I don’t tend to eat a whole lot of McDonald’s these days, but I felt like it so I got it.  Anyway, I was pretty impressed with the efficiency of the people working there.  They were fast.

So work, work, work.  I left for the gym around 5:30 and saw Amanda heading home from Lowe’s Food as I was driving past that.  I’d told her I’d try to be home by 7:00, so I did two miles on the treadmill then worked upper body and abs.  I don’t know if it was just that I haven’t been to work out in a week or what, but I really felt the ab workout.

When I got home Amanda was fixing chicken salad.  I watered the plants while she finished that up. Some of them are looking really nice, but some are looking about dead.  The lilies at the back of the backyard are looking particularly nice.  They’ve gotten pretty tall and most of them have blossomed pretty nicely.

We ate and watched some TV, but there really wasn’t anything on.  For a long time now I’ve been meaning to make a MySpace page for Amanda because, as I put it on the page, she was part of the 0.72% of people in this world who don’t have a MySpace account.  I set her up on that and, surprisingly to me, she started looking people up on it and such.  While she was looking for people she knew I sent her a list of links to other people’s MySpace accounts that she might want to link to.

I played a bit of Guitar Hero II after Amanda went to bed.  I finally beat Woman on hard then went on to go a couple more levels up.  After that I flipped around the TV just to have something on while I putzed about on the computer and put it on Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang for no particular reason.  It stars Robert Downey, Jr. and, as I was in the casting comics nobody will will make into a movie the other day, I’d cast him, Robert Downey, Jr., as Danny Wormwood, the reluctant Antichrist who is pals with Jesus in the comic book The Chronicles of Wormwood.

Zach Dotsey