I got to the gym a little after 5:00 today.  Elliot was already there, had been since about 4:15, and from the looks of it he’d been working out pretty good so he didn’t stick around too long.  I had a pretty good workout myself, focusing on the legs today.  I also did a variety of ab workouts, including some inclined side sit-ups.

Amanda was in the mood for Elizabeth’s Pizza tonight, which tends to happen at a certain time of the month, so I picked that up on the way home.  It was hardly out of the way- the parking lots for Planet Fitness and Elizabeth’s Pizza are connected.

I got home, watered the plants and watched some Ghost Hunters with Amanda.  The wind was blowing pretty hard outside, so I got Amanda to come out and sit on the porch swing with me.  I stayed out there for a while.  It was just a really cool feeling.  The sky was gray and ominous, the only sounds were the leaves blowing in the trees and the bugs chirping.  I could see some lightning now and then off to the right, but more often I saw it reflected in the Jetta, parked in the driveway.  That showed me there was a lot of activity going on behind me.

I stayed out there until I heard what sounded like a train whistle.  Not having heard a train whistle around here before and having heard that that’s what tornadoes sound like, I figured I’d come inside.  I didn’t think it was a tornado, but better safe than blown away, right?

We discussed the best place to go if there ever was a tornado or hurricane here, and we decided on the closet under the stairs.  We also took down the lanterns hanging on the porch and took the glass parts out of the torches out back.  They hold the citronella oil.

Nothing happened of course.  It rained, but the rain wasn’t even all that bad.

Lady Bird Johnson, first lady back to President Lyndon B. Johnson, died tonight, or today.  I just saw the news about it.

Zach Dotsey