I went out for lunch today. I met my wife Amanda, my brother-in-law Michael Mercer, their mom Karen Mercer and their aunt and cousin, Anna and Kirsten Frazelle at Temptations, a sandwich and salad place across from Independence Mall. I got some sort of apple and Brie sandwich with a side Caesar salad. Both were quite tasty.

Karen was visiting Michael. I think she was going to go out with him to buy some things for his apartment. Kirsten was tagging along with Anna because they were going to the doctor. Kirsten had water in her ear. She’s always had ear problems and is just about deaf in one of them.

Anna told us that Barry, her husband, and Hannah, their first daughter, had gotten home from their surfing trip to Indonesia. Barry has Asian flu. I told Michael it turned Barry yellow and made his eyes slanty.

Work was steady, as it has been. After Amanda got home we went by Target to return some bathing suit pieces she’d bought. There was a top she’d gotten, brown with pink hearts, that she was trying to find a bottom for. They hadn’t had one the right size. When we returned the others though, she found a single item of the right bottom, the right size, all by itself along on a rack. Amanda was just about giddy at having found it. It really made her day. It is a cute print.

Our PC3 Small Group: Rob Peterson, Kristen Barriner, Elliot Clark, Melissa Nicholson, Zach and Amanda, Adam and Meagan Koch, Lorin and Kyle Van Zandt | Zach DotseyAfter that we headed out to Hugh MacRae park, where a little concert was being held. We’d decided to do that for small group tonight sort of as a send-off for Adam and Meagan Koch, who are moving to Virginia next weekend. We all had a really nice time just relaxing, sitting in foldout chairs and on blankets. Rob Peterson and Kristen Barriner brought some BoJangles and Rob happened to have had a bottle of wine in his car, Meagan brought brownies, Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson brought utensils, Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt brought drinks and Amanda and I provided ice. It was just a nice, relaxing evening. It was a slight bit humid, but the temperature was comfy and there was an occasional breeze.

I’m sure the music was fine- we were all too busy socializing to pay much attention to it. I talked with Adam about video games for a bit then Kyle and I had a discussion about college sports. He went to Wake Forest and is a Demon Deacons fan. I’m a Duke fan, in case anybody missed that. But Kyle admitted that he’d pull for Duke over Carolina, despite the fact that his wife is a Tar Heel grad.

More pics of our PC3 Small Group at Hugh MacRae Park

Amanda actually messed around with the MySpace account I set up for her the other day. She added a few people to her friends list and browsed other people’s friends lists for people she knew.

I played around with my MySpace account a bit last night. I caught up on some e-mails, sent some comments and added a celebrity look-alike thing. It scans pictures you upload then, based on that, matches your picture up with pictures of celebrities. The ones that popped up a few times for me were Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze and Joshua “Pacey” Jackson. They’re just particular to those images though- I don’t think I much look like any of them. The one on my cousin Alex Dotsey’s page had him looking most like Tyler Hansbrough, which I had to chastize him for. He got back at me for having one that said I looked most like JC Chasez. I didn’t know how he was until Alex told me it was a guy from N Sync or 98 Degrees, I forget which.

Zach Dotsey