came into view of  massive stone structure, a castle  spanning nearly the width of my view like a giant black wall.  Behind it waves crashed noisily and angrily and stretched with width in front of it was lined a phalanx of my enemy.  Beside me was a single companion.  Wen we got nearly within range, spears began to fly.  I ducked to my left and…

I was at a place reminiscent of the house on Newquay Street, standing in the side yard.  On the driveway side were perhaps twenty or thirty people, each with a load of spears, shaped like pilum but without the break-off function for which pilum are built, which would prove to my advantage.  They lined up in rows and threw their missiles at me, which I dodged.  I gathered three or so from the ground around me while they prepared to throw more and threw one while I had the opportunity.  It became stuck in an older man’s hand, making one less person lobbing them at me.

This went on for  a few rounds- they threw, although they started doing it singly, and I would dodge, or, if one spear came too close I would defelct it with the two I kept in my hands.  Sometimes I would pierce someone, sometimes I would not.  When I did they would leave, but nobody seemed to die.
Most of them became bored and wanted to go see a concert playing in a park not too far away, so they left until only one remained.  He looked a little like my friend, Rob Peterson.  He started complaining to me, calling for me to hold still so we could be done and he could go to this outdoor concert.  I told him “Hell no!” and he threw back at me.  Eventually I hit him with one of the spears I’d collected from the ones thrown at me.  It ran through the flesh next to his abdomen.  He dropped to a sitting position, frustrated and in pain, but then got up and stormed off towards the concert.

Zach Dotsey