Mowed while Amanda weeded
Smoothie King and McAlister’s
Lowe’s- table and gift card
Ross for naval clothes search.  Amanda’s shirt, found some graphic tees.
Sam’s for some foodstuffs, looked at clothes.
Old Navy, got a hat for me and new shirt and tag for Bruce.
Back home, put table together while Amanda made dip and did some cleaning.
Talked to Bonnie and Dave.
Amanda trimmed my hair.
Party at Elliot and Melissa’s.  Also there: Adam and Meagan, Rob and Kristen, Doug and Jen (coupled together- Doug is friend of Adam’s, Jen is friend of Elliot and Melissa’s).  Also Charlie, friend of Elliot’s I met a while back, and another couple of friends.
Had a nice time hanging out.  Talked to Doug about Iraq.  All ate dinner.  Played LCR or CLR or something, won about $50.  Played Scattergories- guys won first, girls won second, guys won tiebreaker.  Won on “Gandalf the Grey.”  Psychic one round- I guess Darth Vader before Doug even started (clue was “Luke”) and guessed Fu Manchu when Amanda only said “Kung BLANK.”  Had a real good time.
Enjoyed being social this weekend!

Zach Dotsey