Bruce was a little confused last night and this morning. He kept wanting to go upstairs and this morning, after Amanda let him out to pee he went upstairs to get in bed, but he was confused when he didn’t see me in it. Amanda later brought him downstairs where he snuggled up to me for the rest of the morning.

Amanda woke me up on her way out of the house to announce that Cobb had peed on a sheet that was sitting on the Orange Room floor. It spread through a little bit to a comforter too. Amanda had put the sheet in the wash and I hosed the comforter down with some specially-formulated feline Nature’s Miracle before putting that in the wash too.

I got back in bed, but Amanda called about four times to tell me that Don, the maintenance supervisor from her work, was going to call to see if he could talk me through trying to figure out what is going on with the upstairs air conditioning. He was pretty busy so he didn’t end up calling until later in the day. There’s about a fifty-fifty chance that it’ll cost us some money.

Other than that today, work kept me pretty busy. I worked downstairs in the living room today, seeing as how, like yesterday, it got up to about 90 degrees upstairs. Even the carpet is warm. I even tried opening a couple windows to get a draft going, but it didn’t do any good. I had the TV on in the background. The History Channel was having Evil Day apparently, as I pseudo-watched something about Nazi Occultism and the Manson Family. I also “watched” My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I didn’t really watch enough of it to say anything about it except that the concept was a cool idea.

I worked out after work, but Elliot Clark didn’t make it. Today was a legs day. I was going to do a bit more work on the abs than I did, but there were quite a few people either on the equipment I wanted to use and I’d done a pretty good job so far for the day, so I went ahead on home, where Amanda was just finishing making some chicken salad for dinner.

We watched a bit of TV from dinner on. We watched the more recent version of The Omen. The kid was sufficiently creepy and I was a little surprised at some of the people they killed in it. We watched a little of On The Lot then Amanda turned it to the new season premiere of Beauty and the Geek. I suppose we’ll be sucked into watching that, or at least Amanda will so I will by proxy.

Zach Dotsey