Amanda went out with some people from work tonight for dinner at a fondue place.  That got me to find out the answer to the question “What would my life without Amanda be like?”

Apparently I’d work until 7:30 (skipping the gym because there was a lot to catch up on with work) and watch shows on History International about cities that haven’t been around for about 3000 years and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as an extremely late lunch then eat a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats for a semi-late dinner.

Last night I fell asleep watching episodes of John From Cincinnati, a new HBO show.  I saw the first one and wasn’t too big on it.  I’m not a prude but the cussing on it was ridiculous.  I didn’t mind that they cussed, and I didn’t mind that they dropped f-bombs all over the place.  What bothered me was that it was done awkwardly, like they threw them in there just to throw them in there.  My impression was “Hey, we just premiered after The Sopranos, so we’ve got to be as crass as we can be!”  I wasn’t the only one though- Jason felt that way too.

The next couple episodes were better though.  I’m watching the fourth episode as I type.  It’s an odd show, whatever it is.

The refrigerator light went out today, and as Amanda was getting ready for bed she heard the downstairs sink dripping.  I tried tightening up the thing that runs up to the sold water, but that didn’t stop it.  I’m going to try to caulk it tomorrow to see if that does anything.  With that and the upstairs air conditioning acting like it is, it seems like our house is falling apart.

Zach Dotsey