Work was busy yesterday, but today it was busy like it hasn’t been in a while. I had a few support issues I was working on and I had a few sales things I was trying to get started and it seemed like whenever I was about to start on one thing another popped up. It worried me a little just because I’m taking a half day tomorrow to head to Oak Island for Andra and Josh’s wedding.

After work Amanda had me run to the store to pick up another pound of chicken for the white chili she was making. I was back from the Lowe’s Food before she even got home, watering the plants in the backyard. When I came in she said, “You’re going to want to kill me.” She sent me back out to pick up an onion and some lime juice. That while I still needed to sweep the porch and the patio, pick up, take a shower….  So I went, griped a little, came back and watered the front yard and did all the rest of the stuff I mentioned.

Small group- last for Adam and Meagan Koch, Polly and Dave Clawson came

Copperhead on the porch.