8:30- Andra wanted a CD of Pachelbel’s Canon.
Made sure all cameras charged up
Half day of work, my phone seemed to be a hub.
Scrambled to get things ready- fortunately work was not very busy, only one client call.
Amanda had drug test at 11, didn’t get to do it until 11:30, didn’t have time to go back to office.
Adam was here and we were completely ready to go by 2
Mom wanted us to pick up a couple things, including a CD player, Andra wanted us to pick up a signable platter
Went to Target to get platter and CD player/batteries while Adam picked up Chick-Fil-A.  No platter, got signable frame instead- had already printed out a picture just in case.
Ended up going straight to salon instead of beach house.  Mom, Erin, Andra and Josh 10 minutes late.
Played with Jackson outside- golf cart guy.  Rain and thunder.
To beach house- really like Oak Island.  Remembered things from selling there.
Lots of setting up.  Andra and Josh tried not to see each other.  Everyone there including David and Oxana.
Still raining a little around 7:30, but Andra wanted it on the beach anyway.
Turned out great- rainbow to left, sunset to right, few people but gathered in close- very intimate.
BBQ and such at beach house.  People trickled out.  Played velcro ball with Frank- learned about his experience at Battle of the Bulge.
Andra and Josh left, took Amanda’s toothbrush.

Zach Dotsey