Yes, that says it all.  Work was very busy, but there’s not much to talk about there.  I ended up working late, plus Amanda said that Don, the maintenance head from work, was going to stop by to take a look at our AC problem around 5:45.  So I didn’t work out today- I worked, helped pick up a little around the house and waited to see if there was anything Don needed help with.

Don opened up the air conditioning unit and found out (after scraping a bit of rust off the box that guarded the wires) that a couple of the wires going to the condenser were broken, frayed or almost there, so he stripped them down and added new connectors.  I went upstairs to turn the AC back on and, though it took a few minutes, cold air was back!

It’ll be nice sleeping upstairs again, not to mention working in my office again.  Oh yes- the AC is back on.
Amanda made enchiladas for dinner.  They were larger than usual plus she stuffed corn in them, so they were very filling.  We ate then we watched American Dreams, a satire about an American Idol kind of show.  It wasn’t bad.  Mandy Moore played a character very similar to the one she played in Saved.

After that was an episode of Friends and How I Met Your Mother.  There was an episode of Cities of the Underworld about Shanghai tunnels, opium dens, brothels, speakeasies and fight clubs under Portland.  Since that’s where Erin’s living now I called her to tell her about it.  I recorded it and watched it later, which is what she was going to do too.

I’m now watching another episode about all these ancient underground cities beneath Cappadocia

Zach Dotsey