Work was, as it has been, very busy.

Dain Dulaney, along with his kids, Tripp and Anna Hawkins, have been in town since this weekend.  He also brought his friend, Anna.  Since we were gone most of this weekend, we didn’t see them then, but Anna (Frazelle) told us they were all going out for dinner tonight at Nikki’s, which is a hibachi sushi bar.  Amanda and I went along, figuring there’d be stuff we liked too.

The reservation at Nikki’s was for 6:30.  Amanda and I were five minutes early, everyone else was fifteen minutes late.  But that’s okay.  The seating arrangement was Barry and Anna Frazelle on the end, Dain, Anna, Amanda, me, Tripp, Anna Hawkins, Hannah then Kirsten.  It was pointed out how many people with two A’s in their name were there: Anna, Anna, Amanda, Anna, and Hannah.  Hannah ended up switching seats with Anna Hawkins so she and Tripp would quit messing with each other (not that they were being bad, but they were picking in ways that could have escalated).

Amanda and I ordered a fillet mignon and shrimp platter to split (I ate the former, Amanda ate the latter), which was plenty.  Hannah didn’t finish all of her chicken so I ate that too, and I really liked it.  Sadly, I liked it about as much as I liked the fillet mignon so if we go back we’ll probably just get the ship and chicken.

I wore the hat we’d gotten from Old Navy for Melissa Nicholson and Elliot Clark’s going-away party for Adam and Meagan Koch and both Anna and Hannah liked it.  It’s funny, because as a “newsie” cap it’s not really something I’d ever see myself wearing, but I do think it looks alright on me.

After dinner we went to Boombalatti’s, an ice cream place.  It’s cheaper than Coldstone and still very good.  Everybody hung out there for a bit then we went our separate ways.  We won’t be seeing Dain this year for the Labor Day Weekend Beach Trip, but the kids will be there.  I didn’t know that until after we’d gone, although apparently it’d been discussed right before we left, so I felt like a bit of an ass since the last thing I’d said to Dain was “I guess we’ll see you on Labor Day.”

We stopped by Micheal Mercer’s apartment on the way home to give my brother-in-law some leftovers from Nikki’s.  There was plenty of it, as it was combined from Amanda’s leftover shrimp and the combined rice and noodles from my plate, Amanda’s plate and Hannah’s plate.  He would have gone but he was working.

When we got to Michael’s his roommate Matt was there, along with a couple friends and his girlfriend.  Two of them were playing Wii Sports and the guy who was playing was using Zacharii, the creepy-looking Wii avatar I’d created.  It was kind of cool that he’d picked that one.

We got home and lounged around a bit before Amanda went to bed.  I stayed up and played a little Civilization IV.

Zach Dotsey