Not much to report on today. Work was more manageable than it has been lately. I met Amanda for lunch at Ruby Tuesday. I just really like their turkey burgers, although it seems that the last few times we’ve gone there it took forever to get the food out. It took literally twenty-five minutes from the time we ordered until we got our food, and when we did the French fries still weren’t ready and were brought out later.

Other than that, lunch was nice. While Amanda was getting her salad I noticed that I had a missed call from my Mom, so I called her back. She was pleasantly surprised by the autographed William E. Poole home plans book that had come in the mail.

Amanda had to go before I finished paying the bill so she could get back to work on time. I went by the Proactiv booth to grab some powder she uses that she’s out of and also picked up Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the final Harry Potter book.

I stopped by the bank on the way home. When Adam had gone to our bank to deposit some money into our account to pay us back for some stuff on Friday he left his checkbook. The bank had called that day, but we were gone and I’d forgotten my cell phone at home so we didn’t get the message until Sunday. I was too busy to go out Monday and forgot to get it on Tuesday. When I got there I happened to go right to the lady who had called, and she apologized saying that they couldn’t keep it around and it had been shredded. Then she remembered that it had just been put in the shred pile, but it hadn’t been shredded yet, so she went and got it for me.

Mostly today I worked on updates for a client of ours that features men’s underwear, so I got to spend all kinds of time today looking at men with shredded abs in little underwear. Lucky me, huh?

I got to work out today, which was good. Elliot Clark hadn’t been able to get to the gym yet this week either, and we were both pretty wiped. I actually felt a little sick after doing some ab workouts. It’s funny how I was able to go over a week without working out when I went to Kentucky, but then I miss a few days and I’m out of it- we both were.

I came home and ate some leftover doughnut holes Amanda had picked up this morning to share with people from work. That helped me feel a bit better. I guess my sugar was low. It’s really amazing how your body tells you what you need.

I played some Civilization IV, a continuation of my game from last night, for a bit then went to watch Ghost Hunters with Amanda. We watched most of the one about the battleship right here in Wilmington then watched another one after that. Instead of a new episode at 9:00 though, there was a show about some filmmakers who were in search of paranormal activity. Even though it was a documentary, I didn’t trust it just because it was made by filmmakers. And it really wasn’t that well done. I mean, it had the feel of being done by some college buddies. We didn’t watch the whole thing, so I guess I can’t speak about the whole thing.

In the news, actress Lindsey Lohan was arrested yesterday for being drunk and in possession of cocaine. She was in her car chasing another car in a parking lot somewhere when the call came in. All this like a week after she’d gotten out of rehab. That girl really needs to get things under control.

Also, it was announced that Drew Carey will be the new host of The Price is Right, replacing Bob Barker who recently retired. I don’t feel that Drew Carey is the right fit. I think he’s a little too… I don’t know, known? Plus he’s done so many different things that I just can’t picture him sticking with it. One thing that I think people like about The Price is Right is the comfortability of it. Bob Barker was always there, and I don’t think people will like a rotating cast of hosts when Drew Carey moves on to his next project.

There were debates held a few days ago for all the Democratic presidential hopefuls that was hailed as a great new groundbreaking thing. Instead of having a news anchor or some such ask the questions, all the questions were picked from questions that were submitted to Hail to the people.

Zach Dotsey