Father John, the priest at my parents’ church, St. Matthews in Bahama, NC, died last week of a heart attack.  Mom called to mention it again, but when she did it seemed that I remembered her telling me in a dream, but not in actuality, although I’m sure she must have.  I didn’t know Father John well at all.  He came along while I was at UNCG, after Father Tully.  I think it’s particularly sad to lose a person whose life was devoted to God, and he was pretty young too I think.

Work went well today I think.  Got a lot done, which should leave tomorrow open to get just as much or more done.  Every week we automatically send out stat reports to each of our hosting clients.  We have a section at the top of the stats where we can write a little news blurb or announcement- something to let people know what’s going on.  A couple weeks ago Scott tasked me with writing the blurb, so I made a promotion I’ve been thinking about for a while now and he was pretty pleased with the idea.

I ended up working until about 6:00, and I felt pretty wiped, which I think might be because of the weather, at least in part.  I was raining pretty good this afternoon.  With all that, I didn’t end up working out today.

Amanda made some pasta for dinner.  We watched some of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel for a bit, along with How I Met Your Mother.  I dozed a bit then came upstairs to work on some of the pictures I’ve taken.  In the past twenty-four hours I’ve had both of my sisters, Erin and Andra, ask when the wedding photos would be up.

I was, to be honest, slightly irritated at the questioning because I told everybody it would likely be a few weeks before they were up, and I’ve never had other people I took wedding photos for ask me about it after just one week.  I mean, this is something I’m taking seriously- people pay me for services like this and, this being my baby sister, I want these pictures to be just as good or better than others I’ve done.  It’s not a big deal, I was just taken a little aback that my family would put more pressure on me (not that they’re being pushy) than other people have in the past.

Zach Dotsey