Today was good with work.  For the first time in about as long as I can remember, the Support desk has NO tickets in it.  It’s a great feeling.  Maybe now I can catch up on sales.

Elliot Clark called to tell me he was heading up to the gym.  It was a little after 5:00 and I was still working, and on top of that we were going to the Frazelles’ for dinner, so I wouldn’t have much time to be up there.  I feel bad that I’m not going at least three times a week like I was.

We picked Michael up on the way to Wrightsville Beach.  When we got there Amanda’s grandma, Peggy Lemons, called to us from the back of the house so we went to talk to her and Earl, Amanda’s grandpa.  They were in town for something or other and it was Earl’s idea to grill some chicken for dinner.  Amanda went upstairs to talk with her aunt, Anna, after a few minutes while Michael and I stayed down in the back. One of Hannah’s friends, Andy I think, talked with us a for a bit.

Barry came in from surfing and Andy called him Mr. Barry, which Michael and I thought sounded funny.  Barry told me I should start to call him Mr. Barry.  I asked what title I’d get if I called him Mr. Frazelle and he said he’d call me Mrs. Zach.  I asked what Dr. Frazelle would get me and he said if I called him Dr. Frazelle he’d call me Dr. Strangelove.

Dinner was good.  It was chicken, potatoes, salad, some cheesy bread and pound cake, strawberries and cherries with whipped cream for dessert.  After dinner Kirsten was IMing with some people, so Michael and I stole the laptop and started chatting with them.  Michael was holding her back (but man, can that girl struggle) while I told all of her friends, as her, that I wanted to lick their eyeballs.  It was a good time.

We eventually left.  Driving up Lumina, Total Eclipse of the Heart came on the XM radio.  Amanda started belting it out then Michael joined her.  They rolled down the windows and shared their duet with everyone we passed heading off the island.  Michael kind of took over and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.  It reminded me of when I was in college and Jason would drive me and Matt Troy around the campus while we would hold up these number signs and shout out the number to passing girls.

A lot of people walk around the loop at Wrightsville at just about all hours it seems, and Amanda realized that one of the people Michael seranaded was the owner of her company.
On the way back we stopped to get Michael some coffee on the way home.  He was pretty dissatisfied with whatever mocha concoction he got from Starbucks.  I guess working at Port City Java has taught him something about coffee products.

What a stupidly obvious statement that last one was.

When we got to Michael’s apartment he realized that he didn’t have his keys, so he came back to our place because Matt, his roommate, was out.  When  Michael called Matt he found out that he and his girlfriend had gone out and Matt was taking her home, which is in Hampstead, about twenty minutes or so north of town.  Matt said he’d pick Michael up on his way back into Wilmington.

At our place, Michael and Amanda watched a little bit of Shark Week and Criss Angel.  I dozed off until Amanda went to bed at which point I went upstairs to do our nightly reading in Night Lights.  Michael was watching baseball to see if tonight would be the night Barry Bonds broke the homerun record.  I don’t even know if he did.  I don’t think he did.

Bruce was playful tonight.  He wanted to play with Brown Sonic, his stuffed squeaky hedgehog and favorite toy (this is actually Brown Sonic II; Paddy was the end of the first one), while we were downstairs.  When we headed up he acted like he wanted to take Brown Sonic with him, so I threw Brown Sonic upstairs and Bruce grabbed him like he wanted to play.  I tossed him a few times and Bruce would run after him, but eventually Bruce indicated he wanted to get in bed and he had Brown Sonic in his mouth, so I picked him up and Brown Sonic fell out.  I tossed the hedgehog up on the bed and Bruce grabbed him, so I tossed him to the other side of the bed and Bruce chased him, running over Amanda’s sleeping form in the process.

Oh, I finished editing and uploading the pictures for the people whose pictures I took this weekend.  Nothing more to really say on that, just thought I’d mention it.

Zach Dotsey