Not a whole lot happened today. I always said that when I got a phone I could use to check e-mail and websites with that I’d go work on the beach. Well, it was supposed to rain today, so I didn’t do that. I don’t think it ended up raining though.

Since it was supposed to rain one of the first things I did this morning was to put up the grill and pack the hammock away. While I was rolling the grill into the plastic shed I noticed a new and busy anthill a little bit in front of it. I wondered if they had any idea it was supposed to rain today and what it would do to all their hard work. I than accidentally ran the grill directly over their hill, which happened to be in a pretty soft part of the yard so it plowed a nice deep trough through their home. I honestly didn’t mean to do that- I don’t like ants in the house but I do enjoy watching them outside. As I watched them frantically scurry around trying to dig a hole back to their queen (or so I decided they were doing), I thought about spitting on them, as I do sometimes just to see them go crazy, but I figured they had enough to worry about. Especially with the coming rain.

Of course it never did rain today.

I went to go work out after work. Amanda pulled up in the drive just as I was walking out the door so, instead of doing automobilistic choreography she just left the car running and I took it. I didn’t kick my own ass today, but it was a good workout.

When I got back Amanda was on the laptop playing with MySpace. She was surfing other people’s profiles looking for people to add to her friends list. She didn’t even watch the rerun of How I Met Your Mother. It gave me time to watch Entourage and Cities of the Underworld, which was about Paris this time. I knew Paris had quite an underground world, but it was really cool to see. I’d love to visit some of these places at some point.


Zach Dotsey