First thing this morning I did go work at the beach. Why? Because I could. And because I told Amanda I would. I called her while I was out there and said, “Do you hear that?” I held up the iPhone and she could hear the rumble of the ocean and the crash of the waves. Needless to say, she was jealous. She told me I’d better not get a tan. There wasn’t much chance of that because I didn’t take my bathing suit and it was ridiculously hot anyway. I heard on the radio that with the hear index it was going to get up to 110.

I was out there long enough to check my e-mail then I started to get up, and as I did I saw Hannah Frazelle coming out. I’d parked at the Frazelle house, as always, but I forgot to leave my key and she and Anna, her mom, were about to leave. Anna had told me that they were going to go out to open a bank account for Hannah, but Hannah also told me that she was going out to put in a notice at her job. That surprised me because the last time she’d talked about her job she said she really liked it. It had to do with the fact that a different surf shop had always sponsored her and took good care of her and it’s apprently bad form to go to work for a different surf shop. She felt bad about doing it because she hasn’t been there very long and the owner usually asks people to work there as opposed to hiring people who ask about employment. She’s got another job lined up though, over at Hallelu, a little boutique you see when you first get to Wrightsville Beach.

As I said, it was crazy hot out so I didn’t stay outside too long. Anna and Hannah left and I finished responding to e-mails and closed a few tickets out then headed on out of the Frazelle house. While I was there Kirsten, the younger daughter, got up and was getting food and such. She went out biking or something before I left. The TV was left on MTV and a show was coming on. It was a reality show where they take a bunch of virgin guys and put them under the tutelage of some guy who is supposed to be some great pick-up artist. I thought the guy, who they called Mystery, looked like a total douche. I’m sure he’s really a great guy.

I also noticed, over the course of yesterday, when we saw the beginning of some reality show on TV, and today seeing that, that all reality shows seem to have just about the exact same music.

I went to work at The Connection for a little bit today. I did it just because I haven’t done it in a while and I now had some good equipment with which to work in public. I got home after some time and continued working downstairs. I worked downstairs yesterday too because the office has crap all over the place where Amanda was working on that project I keep mentioning.

I picked Amanda up from the Volkswagen place today after work. It was time for an inspection, oil change and the 30,000 mile maintenance. When we got back Amanda heated up some chicken and macaroni for dinner. She played on MySpace (I’ve really been surprised by how much she’s actually checking it- yesterday she uploaded a bunch of photos to her profile) while I watched something we recorded from the Discovery Channel about the sinking of the Indianapolis. It was a ship that was hit by torpedoes in the Pacific in World War II. The survivors were left out in the ocean for about four days and there were a lot of sharks in the water. Of about 1200 men on the ship, only about 300 survived, or was it 400? A lot of the bodies were eaten by sharks, and some live people were too.

Oddly enough, Amanda was the one who wanted to record it and I wasn’t overly interested, but as the show wore on I was enthralled by it and Amanda lost interest. She thought it was a movie, but it was more of a documentary with reenactments. Amanda kept playing with the computer, checking out some of the included games on Windows Vista. She ended up playing a bit of Mah Jong and some matching/memory game. I decided to play Guitar Hero II while she was hogging the laptop. Once we were both mutually finishied with what we were doing she flipped around on the TV and settled, for some reason, on Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead. I decided to play some Medieval II: Total War.

Zach Dotsey