Work was really busy today, and it was hot.  Very hot.  I think it was 97 but the weather report said it felt like 110.  Amanda and I had to go pick up the Jetta after she got off work, so she called when she left so I’d be ready for her.  I got tired of waiting around the house so I walked down the road all the way to Murrayville, waited a minute and turned back.  It was odd- it was definitely hot outside, but for some reason it didn’t really bother me.  I mean sure, every time I opened my mouth and swallowed air it was like I was gulping a glass of water with all the humidity, but the heat really didn’t get to me.

After I dropped Amanda off at the Volkswagen place I went to the gym.  I felt wiped on the treadmill for some reason.  I just had no stamina on it today.  I did do quite a bit on the abs though, and the legs as it was a legs day for me.
I got home and Amanda and I watched a few episodes of Ghost Hunters.  There was a particularly good one on tonight.  It was one where they were in a lighthouse and actually saw a figure up the stairs.  The one that came on after it was another lighthouse, and on that one a chair moved on its own in an empty room.  Both of those, I think, were on the “best of” episode we saw a while back.

Zach Dotsey