The usual Saturday morning with Brucey Cuddle Time and a breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Amanda and I played three games of Checkers outside on a cloth Checkerboard.  We usually do this to pass the time and have never finished a game that didn’t end in neither one of us not being able to move.  I beat Amanda and Checkers twice this morning after a first-game stalemate, which I suppose was karma’s reward for losing at Risk twice to her.

I ordered the Mama’s French Toast Breakfast but I got pancakes.  I hadn’t had pancakes in a while so I told them I didn’t mind, and I really didn’t.  They went ahead and removed it from the check though, so that was nice.  The waitress was a nice girl so I tipped her the full amount anyway.

We stopped by Old Navy to return a short Amanda had gotten last week but ended up buying some more shirts that were on sale.  After that we stopped by Target to get some shampoo and conditioner, both of which we’re low on.  For years we’ve been getting Garnier, but she picked up something else to try out as well.  She later said she liked the way the new shampoo lathers.

We went home to let Bruce out then headed out to Wrightsville Beach.  It was pretty hot, but not as hot as it had been lately.  We both laid out for a while then I jumped in the water, which felt really nice.  After I came out Amanda said she’d just go wash her legs off, but the water felt good to her too, so she just kept on walking out.  There wasn’t much in the way of surfable waves, but there were some waves and they were fun to jump.  We laid out a little more after we got out, mostly to dry off, then went back to the Frazelles’ house, where we parked.  We rinsed off then went inside to talk to Anna and Barry.  Kirsten was there too.  Hannah was working.  When she went to put in her notice the other day she was asked to think about it, so I don’t know if she knows what she’s going to do about her working situation just yet.

You know, it’s both funny and admirable how the Frazelles don’t really hold back any information.  It’s not really for me to talk about I guess, but due to Anna’s eating habits (very little meat), her weight (she’s tiny) and activity (she swims) and the trauma her body suffered last year plus the surgery, her body has undergone some significant internal changes.  I guess that’s all I’ll say, but they weren’t shy about talking about it.

We talked to Anna and Barry about going to see The Bourne Ultimatum tonight and so made plans for that and dinner.  They were going to go out after hanging out with their friends Dave and Gina and their kids.  They all arrived shortly before Amanda and I left.  It’s funny- Gina always thinks we’re in town visiting.  She can’t remember that we live in Wilmington.  They seem like nice people, memory issues aside.

Amanda and I went back to our house to shower and change.  Actually, Amanda showered and changed then played around on MySpace.  I napped, showered and changed.  We stopped by Harris Teeter to pick up some movie snacks then went over to Qdoba at Mayfaire.  Anna and Barry were about 15 minutes late in meeting us, but to their credit the traffic was nuts.

Amanda and I had two buy one get one free coupons for Qdoba so we gave one to Anna and Barry.  That was the first time we’d eaten there and it was pretty decent.  Their burritos are huge.  We walked on over to the movie theater after we ate.  The place was packed and to find four seats together we had to either sit in the very front section or the very back row.  We sat in the back.

The movie was good.  I’ve liked the action in the Bourne movies since the first one.  They did a really good job of getting you up to speed from the first two without being awkward about it.  The Bourne Ultimatum, when I checked today, had a 90-something percent review from, which is ridiculously good, especially for an action movie.

We came on home after the movie.  I’m directing at Port City Community Church tomorrow.  On the plus side there shouldn’t be much setup involved, so I don’t have to be there at 6:00.  I plan on getting there at 7:00.

Zach Dotsey