Okay, I messed it up again.  Yesterday when I was correcting myself about Ryan’s situation I accidentally called him Ricky.  Ricky is Tracy’s son and lives in Florida.  So no, Ricky’s not expecting a baby- Ryan is.  And as Terry told me Ryan plans to be involved in his child’s life.  Terry called to recorrect me and Traci left a comment.  So.  I’m done reporting on that for now.  I mean, it’s an important family event so I didn’t want to not say anything, you know.

They are both R names with a Y somewhere.

Other than that, Julie Fazio came by today.  Julie is an old friend of mine who is doing some consultant work for the company.  Basically she’s interviewing employees and looking at processes to give Scott some ideas for improvement.  We went to McAlister’s for lunch and saw Hannah Frazelle there.  She said hello by walking up behind me and credit card swiping me.  When I felt that I thought, “Okay, that’s got to be somebody I know.”  She was there picking up lunch for her boss.

After Julie left I called a few people back and tried finishing up some work.  Amanda’s brother and mom, Michael and Karen Mercer, came by for dinner.  Karen was in town to see the dentist and took Michael to Wal-Mart to grab some supplies and such.  After that they picked up some Smithefield BBQ and came on over.

After Karen left to go back to Richlands Amanda, Michael and I watched some TV while he did his laundry.  We watched an episode of The Pickup Artist, which is a show I think I mentioned the other day about a guy who teaches these loser guys how to talk to women.  I have to admit that we were pretty entertained by it.  Amanda went to bed after that.  Michael tried to download the demo of the upcoming game Bioshock from the Xbox Live Marketplace, but I guess my connection was really bad because it was going excruciatingly slow.

When Michael left I played around with the connection I set up between the laptop and the Xbox via Windows Media Center.  I had it playing music and showing a slideshow as I dozed off and on.  It was nice having some mellow David Gray and Colin Hays play while pictures of Amanda and Bruce and family came up on the forty-something inch screen.

Zach Dotsey