Up at 4, out the door by 4:30. Michael drove- trip didn’t seem to take too long- got to Morris Marina in Atlantic, NC right at 7:30. Asked the lady there about getting on first ferry and she said it went out at 6. Asked about the second- it went out at 7. She was messing with me. Ended up getting on the 8:00 one. Talked basketball with her as she was a Duke fan.

Rolled ankle a little stepping off a rock at the waterfront restaurant by the ferry. Went to take some pictures. Ben and Andrew arrived just in time to throw our stuff in Ben’s Jeep and get called for the boat.

Ride over was noisy but uneventful. Rode down the beach looking for Phil- we somehow passed him. We went back to the bouey and waited, just hanging out and talking and being stupid. Phil finally came, we started fishing. Only Michael caught anything- a flounder that later washed up dead.

Played frisbee. I suck. Actually did good for a minute or so but then got bad again.

Dolphins up and down the shore a bunch today. Saw a spinner shark jump our if the water.
Had chicken and rice earlier then hot dogs later.

Talked to Amanda. She left the dogs outside today. Put a shirt on Bruce and left out some towels for warmth. Karen’s going to stay with her for the weekend.

Sun set quickly. Andrew caught a fish. The stars are so incredible. I keep looking around to try to imagine how the people who settled here in the late 1700’s saw things, but even as remote as we are here, it’s hard to get a full panoramic view without seeing at least one night from the modern world.

Had some teaser bites tonights. High hopes right after that, but I’d was just that my line had crossed Michael’s.

Using a fishing pole of Phil’s that is a little more complicated.

Zach Dotsey