Cobb’s been scratching his face or something.  The poor cat’s got skin missing and raw skin showing in a few spots on his head.  I put some stuff on it today and hopefully that will take care of it.  The poor guy looks awful.

Amanda took Milly to Ogden Park to hang out with Kim and Peyton Ayars this afternoon.  Amanda said Milly really liked the swings, which is no surprise.

My parents gave Milly a little horse that she can sit and bounce on for her birthday, but it also comes with a TV receptor thingy so you can play games on it.  She’s only recently gotten to where she can get herself on and off of it and I’ve been meaning to get batteries so she can really play with it.  Well, we hooked it all up today, but she didn’t quite get it.  She kept getting off the horse to play with the receiver.  We tried to show her how playing with the horse interacted with the pictures on the screen, but she’s not getting it just yet.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, came tonight.  I was originally going to be gone fishing on Portsmouth Island this weekend, but I bowed out of that.  Given how cold it’s supposed to be overnight, I’m not too upset that I made that decision.  Anyway, Amanda made dinner for all of us and for her brother, Michael, and his girlfriend, Jenn.  We all ate, hung out, answered some Jeopardy questions and let Milly entertain us.  After Michael and Jenn left and Milly went to bed we watched a couple shows on the DVR.

The Carolina Tar Heels had an exhibition game tonight against the Barton College Bulldogs, which the bad guys, not at all surprisingly, won, 108-67.  Of course it was his first college game and I expect it’s not a sign of things to come, but Harrison Barnes had a stat line that read 7 points, 2-9 from the field, 0-4 shooting threes, 3-4 at the line, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, with no blocks and no steals in 24 minutes of play.  So that’s something positive to take from it.

Zach Dotsey