Milly slept in until about 8:30 this morning I think.  Amanda went and got her when she heard her then brought her to our bed.  Milly liked playing on there, and usually she’ll pull the sheets and pillows off of me.  She was a bit distracted by Bruce this morning though, so I eventually came out from under them myself to love on her.

Amanda taught Milly where “ninnies” are today.  Milly thought it was funny to point to mine, but Amanda wasn’t as amused when I tried to get Milly to point to Mommy’s.  Milly was in a pretty good mood pretty much all day today.  I don’t know, maybe it’s because she discovered ninnies.

Thank you, Antonio, Lynette and Malachi Balayan, for giving us that word several years ago.

Amanda took Milly to lunch at Atlanta Bread, where she met with her old youth minister or some such.  Her name is Leigh and she was there with a baby of her own.  I, meanwhile, worked and had a particularly busy afternoon.

We gave Milly a bath tonight, and once again she was weird about taking it.  She didn’t seem to mind standing in the tub, but she wouldn’t sit in the water for anything.  Amanda theorizes that she had a rash at some point that hurt when she sat in the tub and is afraid of that feeling again.  That or she has some sort of allergic reaction to the soap we put in the water.  Who knows?

Eventually, I put on a bathing suit and got in the tub with Milly.  She spent the whole time sitting on my lap, sometimes standing on it, and even drew her feet up out of the water.  Sometimes I’d sneak her feet back in, but she’d pull them right back out.

Staying completely out of the water, she started shivering before long.  She didn’t want to get out and was angry when we took her out, but she got over it by pointing at my ninnies a few minutes later.

Bruce made her happy, too.  I mentioned that she was distracted by him this morning already.  When Amanda put Milly down for her afternoon nap she had put Bruce in the crib and left him for a few minutes.  We went to listen at the door and Milly was very amused at having Bruce in the crib with her.  He wasn’t too thrilled, but she was.  We finally took him out and that upset her something fierce.  We tried telling her that he had to go outside to go pee, but of course that didn’t matter to her.

So anyway, one of the things that made Milly happy as we were putting her to bed was playing with Bruce.  She was actually holding him in her lap and petting him very sweetly for a while, but he finally got tired of it, which of course made Milly unhappy.  We let him out of the room and she was just getting over it when he scratched on the door, asking to be let back in.  Well, that ruined the progress we’d made so we just said prayers, kissed her goodnight and left.

She quieted down after a few minutes.

Amanda and I watched TV and had a discussion about some things then made plans for tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey