Happy Valentine’s Day.  I’m lucky in that I have a wife who really doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day stuff.  I don’t think it would have mattered today if she did though.

Milly didn’t have a very good night last night.  I was afraid she was going to have a bad day today, and Amanda told me that if I had a really rough time with her to give her a call.  Fortunately, Milly was very well-behaved for me today.  She was a bit clingy, but overall in a very good mood.  She’s continuing to sing and dance.

We were almost totally out of diapers, so I told Amanda I’d run out to Wal-Mart to pick some up.  Unfortunately, Milly was in a very bad mood when Amanda got her up.  Amanda told me that Milly went back to the office and when I wasn’t there she just sat down in a corner in the hallway and just cried and cried.  She wouldn’t let Amanda move her for a while.

I love that Milly is a daddy’s girl, but sometimes I think it hurts Amanda’s feelings that Milly is so clingy to me, and I feel bad about that.  It’s obviously because I’m here all the time and Amanda works away from the house part-time, but still.

I got a call from Amanda just as I was getting in the car to leave Wally World.  She said Milly had gone to the fridge was looking for yogurt, but we had none.  Amanda had offered her everything else: beans, waffles, chicken, oatmeal, cereal.  Milly only wanted yogurt.  I could hear her displeasure clearly in the background.

Milly was alright by the time I got home.  She didn’t much feel like going to bed, but once she was down and had her paci, she was fine.

Amanda mentioned that she was possibly starting to not feel good.  It would really suck if she got sick as the Lambeths are coming to visit this weekend.

Zach Dotsey